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  1. Can anyone shed some light. up until the disbanding of the NWCBBA, we were a 3rd section locally band and 4th section nationally. all contests which we entered like fleetwood and preston and tameside all had local points up for grabs to determine getting promoted or relegated in the local system. now the NWCBBA is no longer, and these contests do still run at national grades, is the points system now gone and only prize money etc to play for at these named contests? if so, is the only way to leave the 4th section doing well at the areas? we have not done an area for some yrs and are a little confused to how it all works.
    please help!!!
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    I'd say yes, the only way is the area. Although am willing to be corrected.
  3. From what I can gather, that sounds about right.

    The only way you can get promoted now will be over a 3 year period at your area or by winning the National Finals.

    Probably worth having a word with somebody who helps out at the Lancashire Contests though to see if they'd allow your band to enter into a higher section than your national grading. I'm sure it gets done in other contests around the country.
  4. thanks budstellabecks
    there are some players in our band like probably most bands who dont enjoy the contest environment. so as a band we agreed to do 2 contests a yr but not the areas. however, if there is nothing to play for other than prize money at our old local contests then what is there to gain from them? although money is always needed!!!! i would rather do one local contest and then the areas as our 2 contests then at least then we can try and win promotion as well as prize money.
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    If you haven't competed for a good few years (more than 3), wouldn't you arrive in the 4th section as a "new" band, and be given average points for the past 2 years? Meaning you may well be able to gain promotion this year on points alone depending on what the other bands totals are. (of course you can also do it by winning the area, and winning the nationals).
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    Just because you are a "new band" does not mean that you will automatically be placed into the fourth section.

    It is up to the local Regional Committee to determine what your grading will be. This may mean that they will appoint someone (usually an adjudicator) to come along and listen to the band playing a piece of their choice and a piece chose by this person.

    I know this has been carried out by Yorkshire when Cornerstone brass entered as a "new band". And it was also done with others.

    Check with your regional secretary to see just how they do it, but as far as I know each region is supposed to do the same.
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    Very true, but in this instance bigman_holland's first post was referring to his band as one who would compete in the 4th section.
  8. think its getting out of context now. my initial point was asking if there is still a points system as part of our old local contests as there was in the past. its basically my way of trying to get the band to do the areas next year. as in my eyes there is no point in entering the old local contests as there is not as much to gain from them anymore.
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    There is much to gain from entering local contests my friend. I would not wish to enter an area contest with perhaps some players who have little or no recent contest-platform experience. Better to get a local 'under your belt'. It will help to settle nerves, unless of course your members are without them ?
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    A band returning to the Area contest fold would surely be a good thing. Get stuck in and earn that promotion!
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    This is correct. Peggy came to visit and listen to the band and graded us accordingly. I think these days, any new band that is formed is great news for the movement and can only be encourged.
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    The old NWCBBA contests are now being run commercially by Lancashire Contests, using National gradings. The only way for a band to change its National grading is to enter the National Championships - ie. the areas.
    If in doubt, maybe your contest sec could contact Derek Atkinson for more info.

    And there's always something to gain from entering any contest, imho - a well chosen piece will challenge and develop the band, gives people performance experience which you will (hopefully!) learn from, its potentially a very good way of networking with other local bands, and there's always the potential to win trophies/prize money/ranking points.....!
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    Just a small correction to this statement. When Cornerstone applied to enter the Yorkshire area contest I went along with an adjudicator (Barry Thompson) to listen to the band and on the advice of the adjudicator the band were graded appropriately.

    Any band entering an area contest for the first time should be graded in this manner and this also applies to a band who has not competed for some time, has dropped out of the grading tables and wants to re-enter the area contest.

    If in doubt consult your Regional Secretary - there are there to answer queries and assist you.

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    I was wondering how to word a reply but the above is spot on.

    Do the Areas. It's good for your band and good for the NW and good for brass bands as a whole.