Getting back to playing after an impact injury

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by englishgill, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. englishgill

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    Hi All,

    I was happily playing hockey on saturday when I thought it would be a great idea to pressure the defender who responded by lifting her stick into my face. While I was incredibly luck not to lose any teeth (thanks to my gumshield) or split my lip I am left with a swollen and bruised upper lip as well as a sore nose and teeth. Does anyone know a good way to disperse the blood collection and make playing the horn by next weekend a viable option ....... any ideas gratefully received!!!

  2. Di B

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    Arnicare cream is natural and helps reduce swelling.

    A lot of people use it when they have played too much, but it is actually for bruising and might be worth a try :)
  3. Vegasbound

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    Ice pack and rest!
  4. Accidental

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    Arnica, ice and rest.... if your playing next weekend is a bonfire march then my best advice would be don't do it!!

    I got smacked in the face the night before Harrogate - managed to get ice and arnica on it quick enough to avoid any visible bruising, but I didn't get to not-play for a month because of contests and my chops really haven't been the same since. Tbh it sounds like your bruising is a lot worse, and if was in your position (and had a choice!) I'd have a couple of weeks off.
  5. englishgill

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    Hmm, first thought as I crashed to the floor with the impact was ... oh God I won't be able to play my horn for a while! (I'm sad like that!) I'm hoping that by consuming and applying copious amounts of arnica I'll be back to playing sooner rather than later - especially with a Boobs & Barass concert coming up soon but the slightest pressure in the mouth region is pretty painful right now!
  6. plenty of red wine might do the trick - but don't expect too much sympathy from the rest of your section! Totally self inflicted & you are old enough to know better ;):)
  7. englishgill

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    the lengths to which some people will go to avoid playing the top part in Trio Con Brio eh ..... thanks for the sympathy Marion.
  8. JRH

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    The one thing I know for sure doesn't work is trying to rush your way back into it. Give it time to recover. The sooner you force it, the longer it will take.