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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dave99, Dec 4, 2007.

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    I started playing trombone at junior school some 25 years ago (yes, with a coathanger around the slide so I could reach 6th position :D), all through school and with a couple of the bands at Oldham Music Centre. I left it when I left school 15 years ago and havent really done anything since (apart from a little play around with a local band a few years back but never really got going properly)

    As I am about to move up to the Saddleworth area I am getting the feeling I would like to get back into it but not really sure where to start. I was never very good at playing lots of high notes so always tried to get the bass trom parts, but I am not sure what I should be looking for in an instrument - is there something suitable for bass parts as well as maybe the 2nd/3rd trom? Dont really want to spend too much at the moment, might find my lips dont work any more!

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    I think Oldham (Lees) Band are looking for a bass trom player for after christmas. They're a successfull 3rd section band, might be worth getting in touch. There's a thread on here somewhere.
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    Give Carrbrook a try they need a 2nd trombone player and would provide you with an instrument if you were interested. Have a look at their website at for contact details.
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    Hi Dave,

    It is great that you have decided to get back into 'banding' again.
    I made a similar decision almost 4 years ago and I have really enjoyed the experience. I think you should get back into it gently and not 'jump in at the deep end' so to speak because when you have been away from banding for a few years you need to ajust...
    There are many bands around who I am sure will be happy to have you join them.
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    thanks, I'll look into them when I get a bit of time :)
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    Whitworth are short of a Trombone player, could shuffle around to suit what ever position your happy with and we have a couple of spare bones at the bandroom.
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    I gave up playing for about 17 years. When i gave up playing i had only ever played cornet / trumpet, howver when i returned to playing i really could not get back to any reasonable standard on cornet ( I played front row championship level in my youth) and eventually moved to baritone. Ended up back in championship briefly and now enjoy playing 1st section. Get back to playing see how it goes, change instruments if need be, but enjoy yourself,you will soon realise how much you've missed it all. good luck.