Get your latest band news seen by millions worldwide..........

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    [IMGLEFT][/IMGLEFT]Get your latest band news seen by millions worldwide..........

    The latest addition to the 'tMP experience' is about to be unveiled! Up until now, you have been somewhat limited in being able to announce the latest news connected to your band, group, contest, concert etc. in that they were only viewable in their own individual forums. This facility will remain, however, we are now ready to give you the opportunity of getting your news items to appear on the tMP Portal - just like the tMP news items currently do. This serves one main purpose - helping you make your news items readily available to all tMP visitors.

    To submit your news item, simply submit a new thread here and your article will appear shortly. The only delay will be that all news items will, naturally, have to be passed through a moderator before being deemed appropriate. We believe this is a necessary step as these items will be appearing on the main tMP page and viewable to all - and we would need some sort of editiorial control - just in case! ;)

    So, there you are, yet another FREE service, from tMP - helping to promote bands and their activities - all over the world!