Get It Off Your Chest - your bandroom gripes

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Rebel Tuba, Mar 26, 2004.

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    Okay, so I've been following some of your nice chit chat, politeness and overall joviality that is spread around the movement. Well it's judgement time.

    Time to get nasty and say what you want!!! I'll start......

    Bandroom moaners - Easy answer - if you don't like it then leave.

    Registration loopholes - if YOU use 'em then your on my hit list. If you can't transfer using the 4 week rule, then your not playing the game!!

    Good luck fellow bandsmen - twaddle. We won't win ever contest, but I'm on the hunt for scalps

    Get nasty, get mean, you know you want to

    Rebel Rule 8) [/b]
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    1) Who would you class as a moaner? There are always issues to be raised about band in general, and bringing these issues up in committee meetings etc. is the only way to get issues resolved. I agree if you're talking about people who are constantly moaning about band in general though. If it's not constructive, don't say it.

    2) I don't see the problem here. The rules are the same for everybody.

    3) It's only band. Everyone still has to go to work on Monday, wether you win or not! Most people in general will not care wether you beat Black Dyke in the Open or Crappleton Town Silver Band* in section Z. They are more concerned with what's for tea, how long it is 'til payday, what's happening in Corrie, etc. So why not wish other bands luck?

    *I just made this up, any similarity to a band, real or otherwise is purely coincidental! :wink:
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    Ummmm...... Moderator - WHAT?????? Cornish

    Come on, we are the chior boys of the music world and everything that happens we take it on the chin.

    Lets say what we want out loud. Lets encourage people to have a moan and to pass on best practices.

    Until we have a strong national voice - and that comes and goes with the Federation - we will always be the poor relations of musical art.

    I don't not agree with nicey, nicey, but I do say what I feel. And if people can't handle that then they need to take up fishing or cross-stitch. We need to be heard as one, and until we start saying what we want to the people that matter then what is the point.

    For once let's get people on committees that ask questions and challenge decisions of those elders that have "been there stince the movement/band was formed".

    Come on Cornish, you have these problems within the CBBA. You know the people I am talking about - the Chads and the Sweets etc...

    SugarandSpice, are you part of your area association??? If not you need to be. People on this site have a passion for the movement and we are the ones who can take the movemnt in to the modern era. Time to get nasty, time to fight, time to be heard.

    Rebel Rule 8)
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    Firstly how did you know I played for Crappleton Silver???

    1. Enough said, I think you've picked up the gest. This year I have grabbed the bull by the horns. No more don't upset x or he will leave - Well Mr/Mrs X and friends there is the door......

    2. No its wrong. If you are registered with a band and wish to join another then the lord says 4 weeks..... If you can cancel a registration and re-register as a new player within a few days before a contest what is the point of the 4 week rule. I'm sure this a point the BRBB will grab a hold of one of these days.

    3. Wrong. Its a passion, its my life. I care. My work suffers so I can fit band in. My home life suffers so I can fit band in, my social life suffers so I can fit band in - and I don't care. Sad I know, but true and if other would admit it then we could start to make something of this movement. My band won't win on Sunday, but, if we can take a couple of the top names in the process of a decent result then I will buzz all the way home.

    The people on this great site prove that, especially point 3 is correct. were all mad, but we love it
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    What's wrong with cross stitch????! It's cool - and it's not all nice, you oughta hear the language I come out with if I prick myself with a needle!!!

    Rach x
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    Point taken and apologies to all you cross-stitchers (including the Mrs Rebel Tuba), for once no offence meant.
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    Yes I'm here, and watching...

    By all means, have discussion, by all means, make it outrageous and shocking.
    But also keep an eye on tMP rules and ethos please...
  9. If only every person in the band would be comitted to making the band better and take on every engagement possible!! some people in the bands i know are contantly moaning , act like they don't even like going to band, and whenever we get an engagement they say: no, got work :twisted: annoying! lol Every player needs to help and encourage the band on :wink:

  10. Rebel Tuba

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    Thanks Keppler,

    I have a passion that sometimes runs riot. Please pull me up if I say things out of turn, but I only do things for the good of the movement and hopefully you Mods will give Rebel Tuba the room to preach and try and get the brass band movement to the heights of the Royal Opera.

    Rebel Rule 8)
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    Matt, if you mean these words then join your association and band committees. It doesn't matter how young you may be, just go to the meetings have your say, don't be afraid of who you upset. Your ideas may not always be accepted but keep battling.

    I was on my first association committee at 21 years old, and the Federation Executive at 24 I hope you can beat that.

    Listen, there are old school and new school and never the twain shall meet. You will always battle against the old ways but you and your young friends, through your band (because that is where the voice starts) and then in the cambridge area have the chance to build the movement in to a strong force. If cambridge players can agree with Swindon and Birmingham and Glasgow players, then Home Counties BBA can agree with SCABBA can agree with SWBBA, NWBBA etc.

    Keep up the fight

    Rebel rule 8)
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    Ouch!......easy tiger! :lol:
  14. Rebel Tuba

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    Sorry, but the truth is out there and sometimes the truth hurts. :wink:

    Rebel Rule 8)
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    But don't always assume that the old ways are bad and the new ways are good. No structure survives without a strong foundation, even if that foundation is never seen because of the structure that's been built above. Remember that some of the "older" members of the movement were (and some still are) just as passionate and concerned as the younger members.

    I appreciate Rebel's attitude about making change through the existing committee and association structures - to me, this shows that this person, at least, understands that change from within the system is the only way to go in a freely associated movement.
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    What's with all the cornish references??!!!
  17. Naomi McFadyen

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    that's what I was wondering... People call me Cornish sometimes so I keep getting confused!!! :lol:

    forgot what the threads about already... ah well... I'll re-read at a later date....

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    there is no real need to be a "rebel" really.. :?

    What business is it to Mr X of Y band what is going on in band Z and what moaners and problems band Z contain?

    Keep your own band moaners in that band and dont "slag them off" in a public forum (not that anyone has YET but it looks like its heading that way) and cause many people offence.

    Registration - Rules are rules. If you dont like rules then work harder and get up the top and change them yourself. No need to get everyone moaning about them.

    I wish many people good luck all the time. The brass band world is small and person A will have many friends, aquaintants, colleagues (call them what you will) and therefore should wish luck to your friends, aquaintants etc. There is no reason to wish badly upon another band, that only means you are admitting to yourself that unless they "cock it up" they will be the better band.

    As Chris said, "its only band" :wink: You dont see fishermen going round wishing that their fellow fishers fall in the lake and drown. Why should the brass band world be like that? It shouldn't :wink:
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    the moaners - why are they in the band if they r goin to jus constantly moan? it makes things a lot less enjoyable for those who are actually there to have fun as well as making music.

    registration loopholes - i cant say i really understand stuff lke that too well, i tend not to pay attention, i just sign where i need to etc. however, i do think that if some bands are goin to stck t the rules, then every band should, otherwise its unfair on those who do it properly.

    good luck fellow bandsmen - at the end of the day, yes it is a competition, and yes it would be nice if your band won, or got in the top 3. however, to use the old adage (right word?) winning isnt everything, and being so fiercly competitive takes all the friendlyness and enjoyment out of an otherwise fun day. so what if someone beats u? yes it is disappointing, but it was meant to be a friendly competition, not an excuse for murder if you lose.

    sorry for the ramble, but what u see there is my humble opinion. hoping i havent broken any tMP rules :?

    sam x
  20. ScrapingtheBottom

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    Surely choir boys are the choir boys of the music world???

    but you don't like moaners?

    Not true.

    Maybe your attitude is part of the problem. If we want 'outsiders' to be interested in brass band music then we have to be welcoming. Music-making is as much an amateur past-time as a profession I think bandsmen have to adapt to the increasing percentage of bands that are just in it for the fun.

    Give it time. IMHO brass banding has already undergone a massive reformation in the last 20 years, you can't push these things too fast.

    I personally would save the revolutionary banter for something worthwhile.