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    The original BBC URL link code submitted here by Nick was dubious (not Nicks fault or doing I might add) We have ammended the link and all is OK with it now.
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  3. Aidan

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    here's my link for when nick has enough ppl :p

    have you completed an offer nick??
    i signed up for a free month of dvd rental thingies then cancelled it after i have confirmed it but it still says i need to complete an offer..
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    Hey Aidan... you attending Whits this year? if so... is it with us? awww... go on :)
  5. Aidan you didn't use my referral! How rude!

    I've just been playing pool. Was quite fun and managed to win my money back. I think it takes about a week for status to complete when you've done the offers bit? Read the FAQ. By the way you have to complete the DVDs trial before it registers :p It says that where you click on it.
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  7. jonford

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    I can't see this working but am giving it a go!

    my status window in the login says "You have not completed your offer!"

    What does this mean, and do i need to take up one of the offers?

    might as well add my link as well!:
  8. super_sop

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    have any of you rercieved any referals yet? just wondering before i put up my link, thought it mite be polite for those of you before me to get theres sorted first
  9. Jamie

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    I've had a butchers at this and am thoroughly confused. Don't understand what it is I'm supposed to do, or what I'm supposed to cancel before some free trial is up?! Can anyone enlighten me before I click on something I might regret?!
  10. This is an extreme case of affiliate marketing which in proving successful so far, so chances are this is for real, and what are you losing if not? For those of you in the dark affiliate marketing is where you sign up to a scheme and advertise it, and get paid for every click or registration that goes through your advert or whatever the conditions are. I've been doing this for about a month on my site now, but this is the first one I've come across that pays in iPods!! Seems too good to be true, but you'll never know unless you try it.

    You complete your order by using one of their sponsors services/products. This will be tracked back to you to confirm that you have met the iPod giveaway requirements but I read somewhere that this may take up to 10 business days. I had a few games of pool which I hope should cover the 'offers' section. Meanwhile you can be collecting your referrals to make up the required number, I think you may have to wait for them to confirm too though.

    This may take a while, but if like me you want an iPod (I was saving for one anyway) then isn't it worth the effort?

    Here's my link for anyone that missed it:

    Good luck!!
  11. brassneck

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    ;) ... glad you read my links on your CD sale thread. Seems an incredibly easy way to get a free iPod! Hopefully some tMPer will get one to prove that it works!
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    If only for the fact that I always say these things never work, (and, like an idiot, I'll probably end up with a load of spam email), I thought I'd give it a go.

    Here is my ref number if any of you are kind enough to use it.

    This will either be great or rubbish!


    (Sceptical) Igg

    P.S. Nick - You should have at least one referral/ credit as I used your number when I signed up.
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    Mmmm! ... seems Amazon removed the post with the original link! Not surprised really.
  14. jonford

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    I've only got one referal so far, and the status says "not complete" so i presume that doesn't count!?
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    Me too but I'm like Aidan, click on an offer thing but apparently my order thing still isn't complete? Confused and where did you lot get your code thing? I'm confused!!!!

  16. Yeah my order still isn't complete according to the website, but it does say in the FAQ that it may take up to 10 days for it to register so sit patiently and see what happens. As you would expect they're very anti-fraud so I think this is a precaution against that, giving them chance to verify things properly. Here's some of the FAQ section:

    Q. I completed an offer but never received credit. A. Please make sure you have followed the instructions correctly and waited the provided number of days to receive credit. It may take up to 10 business days for some offers to complete. If you have waited the specified period but still did not receive credit, please email us

    Q. How long before I get credit for a completed offer/referral? A. We import offer/referral credits several times each business day. The amount of time it takes to receive credit for a specific offer/referral depends on how long it takes the advertiser to provide us with verification.
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    Just at work and clicked on my referral link to make sure it works.

    The email address in my referral link is incorrect. That may mean that I do not get any referrals.

    Anyone else having that problem? Make sure you double check.

    This could be a scam.

    (Increasingly Sceptical) Igg
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    Mines right and I now have two referals despite my order "not being complete"
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    Just gone on there and changed it.

    All sorted now.

    Don't know why it went funny.

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