George Percival fell asleep 05-06 May 2005

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    It is with sadness that I write to inform people of the death of an amazing bandsman Mr. George Percival. As well as being a very close friend he is one of the most committed members of any organization I have ever been involved with. George had a heart attack 2weeks ago, putting him in hospital for a few days. The day he left hospital he wanted to be back at band. George is a person that I hope I can be like and I will never forget. Even when he was down and too unwell to com to band he would be there, putting the band before himself. HE WILL BE MISSED BY MANY.

    George Percival (Tuba Boy) Ripon City Band, fell asleep 05-06 May 2005

    There is now an attachment of George for anyone that wishes to see him.
    This pic was taken whilst rehearsing for the Areas 2005

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  2. Heather

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    Sending much sympathy and condolences to his family, friends and the members of Ripon City Band.
  3. PeterBale

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    I was very sad to hear the news about George. He and I were in the Guards together before he was invalided out, and as well as sharing a flat for a while, it was he who introduced me to the Salvation Army at Balham Congress Hall. I'm only glad to have renewed contact with him over the past year or so, albeit only by email. I'm off to a band reunion tomorrow so I'll spread the word amongst his former comrades.

    When he told me the saga of his life in the interim period I found it most uplifting - so much so that I saved his original email.
  4. sudcornet

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    Sincere condolences, I know he will be greatly missed.
    A real bandsman and a gentleman.

  5. Straightmute

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    Please pass on our condolences from all at the Harrogate Band - this is sad news indeed.

    George called me last week to ask if any of our players could help out last Sunday (but unfortunately we were playing in Buxton). He dismissed his illness as a minor inconvenience which was getting in the way of his playing, and he was still active, working to help the band all he could.

    In spite of his condition he was adamant that he would carry on for as long as he could - and in spite of the suffering he endured, he did just that.

    Rest in peace George.

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    I am deeply saddened to hear the terrible news of George's death. Having been a playing member of Ripon City Band for many years right up untill this last year I have great memories of George. I know he will be greatly missed , not only by the band, but by all of the people that had the privilge to know him.

    T J Hunt
  7. PeterBale

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    The news of George's passing obviously came as a shock to those who gathered at the Coldstream reunion on saturday, but we were able to raise a toast to his memory, as well as share memories and anecdotes of happy times shared in the past.
  8. musicmaker

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    Georges Funeral

    For your information Georges Funeral Will be on Fri 27th May 2005 in Sheffield.

    Also after the Ripon Band contest on 4th June 2005, whilst the points are added up, there will be an opportunity for a massed band (off lyres) to play in Georges memory. Any musician from any band can join in.

    March. Star Lake
    Hymn. 7 red book
    Hymn. 29 red book
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    In memory of George

    Tomorrow, 27th May 2005 will be a very sad day for many as we 'play' George to his final resting place. George was a truely remarkable man and an inspiration to many. He had been involved with Brass Bands for most of his life and was a fantastic band member, a great E flat Bass player and for several years a committed Band Manager for the Ripon City Band. George's enthusiasm, humour and drive helped us in Ripon to achievements that he could be very proud of. He supported and encouraged others, in particular the young people in our community, and always put others before himself.

    George was a very brave man who taught us the 'true' value of life. He was a great friend to many and will be sadly missed. Condolences to all his family and friends - Rest peacefully George, we will think of you often. Catherine x

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