George Lloyd on writing for bands

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    "During an interview Philip Hunt had with him in making a radio programme to celebrate his 80th Birthday, he explained, “I got the bit between my teeth when I wrote Diversions and I wrote some really nasty trills here and there and that satisfied them. By then I had found out, they must have tunes, but they must have some very difficult passages as well. If it’s so difficult they can hardly play it and it’s got a good tune to end with, then they are happy”. (

    You see.........doesn't have to be difficult does it!!!!!!!! :clap:
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    A brilliant musician who had an unfortunate time during his war service that probably stopped him from being even greater than he is currently known. I think Royal Parks is brilliant and have recorded HMS Trinidad last year.

    Like many Royal Marine musicians he was in the Transmitting Station in the bowels of the ship and had a lucky escape which many of his comrades didn't and this haunted him for many years after the war.

    More info can be found here and here.

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