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    I am putting this information on as it is a genuine offer to bands who wish to widen their exposure to the general public worldwide. I can personally vouch for the company. A few words of explanation. Denny is based in Grimsby. This company is linked to another site he owns, and he also has a home in Benidorm, so this is one of the reasons why it is called

    A UK based Independent Record Company is on the look out for talent on a
    worldwide basis. is offering a chance for singers, choirs,
    and bands to have extra exposure on the Internet via their new website
    free of charge. The Label registered with PPL and licensed by MCPS-PRS
    Alliance wants to offer the free facilities to diverse entertainers such as
    , but not limited to, Brass bands and Choral Societies, also with a
    particular emphasis on young people trying to break into the recording

    MrBenidorm will allow an artist/band to upload music or songs that can then
    be downloaded by members of the public either free of charge or paid for.
    On the downloads that are paid for a percentage of the revenue is paid to
    the artist and all royalties and other costs are met by MrBenidorm. ( A
    useful fund raising facility)

    The generous free quota will allow for the artist to upload around 10-12
    tracks, they get a free guestbook, fan club facilities and electronic press
    kit together with other free facilities. Upgrades are available should the
    artist require more space for tracks in the future.
    Support and help is also freely available.

    So Rock, Country, Pop, Alternative in fact whatever the genre offer a free helping hand. Full details can be found on
    their website at