1. Has anybody had an e mail about a new range from GENEVA? I got one yesterday and the attachement was fairly impressive, has anyone tried these instruments and if so what is the quality like?
  2. Andrew Norman

    Andrew Norman Active Member

    I had an early trumpet - a Waterman prototype - and it was fantastic. Performance and build quality both excellent.
  3. Thanks, I heard that they made handmade instruments, looks like these are factory produced still look good though
  4. euphalogy

    euphalogy Member

    We have recently purchased a symphony cornet, a flugel horn, a tenor horn, and a top spec euphonium, also we have had a very generous donation by way of sponsorship of 2 more symphony cornets from SPE International Dunholme Lincs. ( 2 weeks ago)
    These instruments are first class, hand built, excellent finish, and easy blowing with great sound. and the service is second to none.

    After sales is excellent, and we are saving for another 5 in the not too distant future.:clap:
  5. Think handmade is out of my league, these are factory built, from NICHE GENEVA MUSIC. Rang them today and they say the quality is the same as a handmade instrument but no where near the price. I want a baritone, and they said they would let me have a blow, think I will take them up on it. :tup
  6. Well just finished having a blow on the finest Baritone I have every held. The look and feel is so comfortable. I met with John Morahan from NICHE-GENEVEA and he told me that this was a new online company selling GENEVA designed instruments that are precision made in Germany. I also played on a Tenor Horn which took me back a few years. The baritone was their top of the range and only cost me £1600!! At last a baritone that allows us to show off our talent.
    I ordered one today, also has 5 year warranty and free servicing. Everybody needs to get on this here is a link not sure if allowed if not try ngmusic.co.uk. http://issuu.com/ngmusic/docs/introducing_n-g_mc_v0.2
  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I'm confused... is Niche-Geneva part of Geneva or a totally different brand?
  8. From what I learnt today the NICHE part is a company they are working with. Apparently they are a college with music apprenticeships and music academy. Tim Oldroyd who owns GENEVA knows the people who run it, Paul Robinson a Euphonium player, I have heard off him, he has played with Black Dyke but mainly Reg Vardy, and John Morahan who use to be a usefull Baritone player. GENEVA wanted to work with these people so they must be good. The brochure they have explains it better.

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