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  1. bobbyp

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    Hi Folks,

    Been looking through previous threads but can't seem to find anything much on Geneva Instruments. Has anybody had any experience with them? In particular Bb/F Trombone, Eb Tuba and Trumpets?

  2. trumpetmike

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    Seen/Played a few Geneva trumpets - would never buy one.
    Poor construction quality
    Poor intonation
    Very poor finish
    Simple terms - would avoid
  3. I second that.
    Steer well clear.
  4. Vegasbound

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    My understanding is the trombone is made from Kanstul parts....assembled in the UK !

    Buy an 88H....industry standard!
  5. JDH

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    I get rather annoyed by the little union jacks on everything on the Geneva stands at contests trying to make people think they are British made. Don't know about the other models, but know the Eb bass is made by Cerveny in the Czech republic. I got nothing against that in itself - what annoys is the apparent deceit
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  6. hobgoblin

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    Absolutely. I would much rather buy one of you tubas which has been lovingly handcrafted in Wessex than any of the Czech tat made by a company using marketing spin to create the impression that their stuff is British. Good luck re-glazing your greenhouse!
  7. JDH

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    It is made quite clear if you look at our website that Wessex instruments are made in China - we are always honest about that and never try to deceive buyers otherwise, so your comment is entirely unjustified.

    As I said nothing wrong with being Czech made, Cerveny is a good company - but not so good to market as British when that is not the case. Unfortunately a lot of that goes on today.
  8. :clap: pmsl.
  9. Ysl641

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    The trombones used to be a Kanstul 970, with bronze bell and slide, what they are now I have no idea, although could well be Ceverny? I did see at one trade stand recently and there was a trombone with a Hagmann valve which I'm not 100% about but don't believe Kanstul do? Bb/F trombones you still cant go wrong with industry standards (depending on budget and personal taste) both new and second hand. Sadly I know nothing about the Eb Tuba or Trumpets!
  10. John_D

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    One of our trombone players has a Geneva Bb/F trombone. She's very pleased with it. Seems to be a very nice instrument. She much prefers it to the Conn 88H that the band owns.
  11. euphalogy

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    We have 4 cornets 2 horns 1 euph 1 baritone 1 flugelhorn 1Soprano from Geneva.
    Saving up for the Troms and Tubas.
    Well pleased, great service.
  12. julian

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    Had one of the slightly older Geneva Signature cornets (triggers on 1st & 3rd slides, not 3rd and main as they are now ) for a VERY short while, notes bellow bottom C sounded very weak and lacked the power that you would expect from a large bore cornet, and for me the whole instrument felt far too light and 'tinny' I soon got rid of it in favour of a much more established manufacturer.

    Perhaps they have improved with a new design?

    I also understand that they are Czech made - the same company that make Corton, although I feel that you have to look at the Geneva website very carefully to realise that they are not handmade in Great Britain
  13. SalvationArmyBM

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    To clear up misconceptions; some instruments continue to be made in the UK by Geneva, the vast majority are now made in the Czech Republic. Jonathan, why don't you speak to the directors at Geneva instead of making such remarks on an open forum? Lack of professionalism?
  14. DRW

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    Lack of professionalism? Ouch! For what it's worth, I didn't see it that way.
  15. GordonH

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    FWIW I tried their current cornet briefly.
    Intonation and tuning was good and it voiced very easily.
    It felt like quite a small instrument and was much easier to play than my Sovereign.
    BUT, it didn't sound the way I would expect a cornet to sound.

    If you want something that allows you to play lots of complicated stuff accurately in a narrow dynamic range then the Geneva is worth looking at.
    If you want a true cornet then it's probably not.