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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by euphojim, Oct 1, 2010.

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    I spend most of my time playing Euphonium these days and have my own Euph but occasionally deputise on Baritone when I need to borrow an instrument. Most of my Baritone playing has been on a Sovereign which seems to suit me well.
    Last week I had my first experience of playing a Geneva Baritone and whilst I found it easy blowing across most of the range, I have really struggled to get it in tune, especially in the upper register, and have not been able to produce anything like the fuller warm tone I get on a Sovereign.
    I managed to borrow a Sovereign yesterday which reassured me that it wasn’t just me but was wondering whether the Geneva I had was a rogue instrument or have other people experienced similar problems with Geneva Baritones?
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    I have played several cornets over the years and every make has differing intonation. It takes time to get used to an instrument and i dont believe it's right or fair to slate the instrument on a public forum after 1 period of playing it.
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    I wasn't intending to "slate" any particular brand of instrument Donna and apologise to Geneva if that is how it appeared. I had problems with this particular instrument and there could be a variety of reasons for this. Even instruments with the same specification can be quite different and I would be interested to hear of other people's experiences with Geneva Baritones.
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    Get in touch with Geneva and explain the problem. They should be considerate with their after-sales service.
  5. euphojim

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    Thanks, I have e-mailed Geneva but would still be interested in other people's experiences. I certainly do not want to write Geneva Baritones off as unsuitable if the instrument I tried was not typical.

    I notice that baritones are not listed on the Geneva Website and as I have not come across one before, I am not sure whether there are that many of them about.
  6. brassneck

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    Jim, how did you manage to get a hold of the Geneva? I thought their instruments were tweaked to suit the player?
  7. Geneva do not have baritones in production as yet. there have been only 3 built (to the best of my knowledge) as "one off builds" and Geneva have had no complaints from their owners. Many things can affect the intonation of an instrument like needing to get used to its nuiances compared to what you are used to or the type of mouthpiece being used.

    The baritone as an instrument is notorious for intonation issues which is why development work on the production model is still under way and the instrument will be for sale once perfection has been achieved.

    Geneva pride themselves on quality and you need look no further than the calibre of players endorsing the instruments and the increasing number of bands who are actually switching from Besson and York etc. to Geneva is testament to this.

    If anybody is down in London for the National Finals, sponsored by Geneva, it would be well worth visiting the Geneva exhibition to see the quality of the production models which are available- which i am sure will serve to reasure any doubts.

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