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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by TheMusicMan, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Guys and Gals

    NOTE: Please be aware that I make this thread here so that everyone can see we intend to take action against those who consistently insult the mods, other members of the tMP team, or our regular members of tMP. We have received several complaints from tMP members, and wanted to show everyone what we intend to do about it. The message really only applies to those where the 'cap fits' - so please do not be offended as it doesn't apply to everyone, just the immature minority who please themselves on causing trouble. Thanks for your understanding.

    OK, so this category is called 'Random Chat & Off topic" and of course, we welcome a broad range of posts and threads within it. However, of late, I have noticed (consistently from several people) something I deem to be a little more than so called 'friendly banter', which is far too much insulting and general pettiness towards the tMP Mods, and of tMP in general.

    You may or may not be aware, that all the mods provide of their time on tMP freely and on a totally voluntary basis. It is, quite simply, not courteous to throw insults, to make sarcastic comments, and to be generally rude towards them - just because you feel like it. This is not on.

    Keeping tMP the way it is: clean and friendly, removing inappropriate or offensive posts, welcoming, informative - is no easy task and takes a lot of effort I can assure you.

    I would like to see a stop to this rude, immature and disrespectful behavior please, if not, then I have no intent to go through the usual process of: sending polite PM's asking to refrain, neither of sending polite email messages. I will simply use the Permanent Ban function because this whole 'lets insult the mods' behavior is quite pathetic, and they deserve better than to be ridiculed et al.

    So, to those where the cap fits, please note that this is the one and only request I will make. Stop the insults, and ease off on the 'let's insult the mods and tMP team' pedal OK... many thanks.
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    You have my absolute 110% support on this John. Nobody has the right to criticise the mods for the hard work they take on for free - not even me!

    I just wish I could understand why people always seem to want to spoil a good thing.

    It's like peeing on your own doorstep!
  3. steve butler

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    That seems pretty fair to me.
    Humblest apologies if I am one of the offenders (I do sometimes let my unusual sense of humour get out of control)
    Keep up the good work guys.
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    yes I second all that. I love tmp and its members and the mods and would hate to have upset anyone. XXX
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    I completely agree with everything said. I'm behind it 100%, the mods do a cracking job!