Gems from Sullivan's Operas'

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  1. BIG Paul

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    Does anyone know where I can lay my hands on the following piece of music,

    'Gems from Sullivan's Opera No1' arranged by J Ord Hume

    it would be nice to play this for our 150th anniversary next year as Denton (original) band played this and won the first national finals in 1900, however due to a bandroom fire in the 1990s all music was destroyed.
  2. markyboy

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    I would imagine Meltham have this piece in their library , and are a helpful bunch .

    Let me know if you want any contact details .

    Cheers Mark
  3. BIG Paul

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    Now located this piece at the "Brass Band Archives"
    What a fabulous resource for the brass band movement.

    The Brass Band Archive
    Taking Care of Brass Bands' Heritage

    Windsor House,
    232 Scholes,
    WN1 3NH
    Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
    Free admission
  4. GJG

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    'Gems from Sullivan's Opera No1'

    - must be quite a short piece ...

    ... coat ...

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