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  1. Thirteen Ball

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    Hiya all! Just a message from United Co-op yorkshire. We're down under at the moment, warming up for the New Zealand brass band championships. Just saying Hi to all you TMP-ers everywhere, and keep your eye on the results, cos we fully plan to give it 100% while we're down here!

    If anyone wants to wish us luck, pass messages to the band, add sarcastic comments or just update us on things we'll have missed at home while we're out here, please pop them on below.

    Best to all!

  2. TheMusicMan

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    You bet we do... go fly the flag matey and thanks for thinking of tMP whilst you're down under. Send our regards to everyone in the contest and help spread the word yeah...

    Good luck to you and all competitors. :tup
  3. PeterBale

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    Hope your trip is going well, that all your soloists are excelling themselves, and that you're selling plenty of cds ;)
  4. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    We have shifted a couple of CDs now you mention it!

    Results in. We got Third in the sacred Item contest (Wolvercote), Fourth in the set test piece (St Magnus), Seventh in the own choice contest (Harmony music). Which gives us fifth overall, one point behind fourth. I think we acquitted ourselves pretty honourably, and everyone can be very pleased with their efforts.

    The bands down here are so friendly! We have to thank Titan Hutt City for lending us their bandroom for a few rehearsals, Brisbane brass for lending us their coach and driver while they were rehearsing, and everyone we made friends with in the bar after the contest! New Zealand is ace!!!

    We get a shot at 'New Zealand band of the year' tomorrow so watch this space!

    How's things at home? Anything make the news that we should know about?