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  1. tenorhorn_15

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    Can anyone help?
    For my GCSE music exam I need to find a piece of music for a brass ensemble which has a Tenor Horn lead. For the ensemble playing I don't think the piece is restricted to a certain level but i am looking for a piece around grade 5-7 standard. The other parts cannot be playing the same thing as me at the same time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Ruth x :)
  2. Magic Flute

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    Don't know much on brass ensemble repertoire, but a couple of pointers regarding the GCSE:
    You can get other players to edit their parts/ drop out when doubling you (just make sure the examiner knows/ you show this on the score you submit).
    As an ensemble performance, you don't want to be 'lead' the whole way through - you need to show ensemble skills, and need to make sure you are heard in the texture, but it's a good idea to be doing some 'accompanying' as well as being the lead to show the skills.
    Regarding level, it needs to be a level you are comfortable with - although you get a 'difficulty multiplier'/ scale, you pick up more marks for accuracy/ perfoming skills than difficulty.
    Good luck!
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  3. topeuph

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  4. Redhorn

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    As a GCSE Music Performance Moderator id echo all that MagicFlute has said above. A few things to remember:
    A lot of people try too hard and play stuff they cant manage. No point! Anything higher than Gde 5 is wasted!
    Make sure your ensemble IS an ensemble, it doesnt have to have ANY solo work in it. For example, if you play top horn in your school windband- just record a normal piece with them. As long as we can hear your part, and your in time, listening, playing the notes correct, etc, you'll get high marks.
    The more people you have in your ensemble, the bigger recipe for disaster! (Unless they're all really good players). Keep your numbers down to the smallest possible. ie you, someone else, and a piano!
    If I had a pound for everytime id heard the vocal duet 'I know him so well' id be very rich! Play the brass equivalent!
    It doesnt have to be horn music, just find a nice lyrical piece of music that shows off your tone, range, breath control- AND the ability to listen to the other performer. Your music teacher wont mind transposing or making up a simple piano accompaniment, im sure!
    So, go for a simple duet- add a few chords on the piano, and no reason why you shouldnt get top marks. Save your hard music for AS level next year!
  5. clare_euph

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    Hey....For GCSE music I played one of Lennie Niehaus' "Jazz Inventions", which is an unaccompanied duet. I did it on euph, so not sure how they will work for horn,but got top marks for it. Best advice I can give is try not to be too ambitious!
  6. tenorhorn_15

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    A big thank you to everyone who has replied to my thread so far. The suggestions and advice are really helpful and much appreciated. Thanks again Ruth x
  7. Rambo Chick

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    Many yonks ago I played a piece with a tenor horn lead called 'Chanson de Matin', quite a well known tune and it was arranged for a small brass ensemble (quintet). Maybe this will help?
  8. englishgill

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    check out some of the arrangements for brass quintet at http://www.matt.kingston.com you can see the piece on scorch before you buy it. My favourite is In the Hall of the Mountain King - it has a pretty good horn part (but you have to like playing in many sharps!!) but you also need 2 good cornet players. Some of the other arrangements are a lot easier

    Good luck and have fun!

  9. el maestro

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    For my GCSE ensemble, I just played 'Scarborough Fair' for trombone quartet - it's about grade 5 so it was easy and I got full marks! :D:D
  10. tenorhorn_15

    tenorhorn_15 New Member

    I'll look at the all the suggestions straight away!
    Thanks for your help and interest.

    Still looking forward to hearing about any other suggestions!
    Ruth x
  11. NeilW

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    I'm surprised you've still got time to be "looking". My son is doing GCSE performance stuff today and it all has to be posted off on Tuesday next week

    I think he's performing their small group composition stuff, but I'm not sure. Also he's hoping to do another solo performance as they seem to have missed out on a "second chance" due to the head of music leaving at the end of last term.

    Good luck anyway.

  12. Redhorn

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    In my experience pupils generally leave the ensemble til the last minute! They spend all their time working on a solo piece, and forget about the ensemble- failing to remember that the ensemble and solo are equally weighted! Still, anyone of a decent standard SHOULD be able to get pretty much full marks.
    I believe the deadline for sending stuff in is the 8th May, meaning everything SHOULD be posted by next Friday! Although we'll get some great excuses, no doubt!....
  13. Magic Flute

    Magic Flute Supporting Member

    5th May (well, for AQA anyway)
    (I'd assumed tenor horn 15 must be talking about Y10 exams, not this year's...!)
  14. GCSE Ensemble

    When I did my GCSE's I played a duet with a trombone-I think it was a Mozart horn duet, but my teacher transposed the other part so it would work. You could try that, or something similar.
  15. horn1

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    5th of May for Edexcel too (although if that happens it'll be a miracle, my year 11's are still finishing composition as I type :-( )
  16. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Feeling smug me, I'm all done and enveloped up. I thought the deadline was today, yippeeeeee!! Mind you, I was still getting things recorded yesterday.....
  17. horn1

    horn1 Member

    Now I'm not talking to you Laura, I'm going to sulk in a corner (well the pub!)
  18. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Ha guess where I'm going now (via the Post Office)!!
  19. horn1

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    Thought you might be!! I now have 75% of my year 11's composition coursework! woo hoo!!!
  20. tenorhorn_15

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    MagicFlute assumed correctly, I am in year 10, sorry I should have said. My music teacher wants us to do recordings for year 11 GCSE exams soon, as a back up, so we can concentrate on our compositions. However we can record them again in year 11 if we want as our playing may well have improved.
    Thanks for everyones posts!!
    Ruth x:)

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