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  1. davethehorny

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    Entry forms for the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association Own Choice March and Test Piece Contest are now available by visiting the new GBBA website -

    The contest is to be held at Five Acres Theatre, Coleford, Gloucestershire on Sunday 22nd November.

    Closing date for entries is the 18th of September 2009.
  2. Kiz7

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    thanks for the link and information Dave. The new site looks excellent, Congratulations to the designers.

    Just one thing, when do we get our entry money from the cancelled contest back? I understand that cheques were issued but not sent to the bands so are still outstanding. I had hoped that Forest of Dean Area Youth would be able to compete at the Own chocie contest and therefore just carry the fee forward but as the contest has moeved date to just a week after the national concert band festival regional event unfortunately this won't be possible.

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  3. davethehorny

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    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments on the new website. It is early days but hopefully we can develop it further for the benefit of all our member bands.

    We are trying to resolve the issue about bands not having received their cheques back from the cancelled contest. Please bear with me on this issue, I have just taken over as GBBA Secretary and this is one of my priorities to sort out.

    I am sorry that the Forest of Dean Area Brass Band will not be at the contest, they are exactly the type of band we are trying to encourage to take part in the unregistered section. Hopefully we can count on your support for the entertainment contest next February.
  4. QAD

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    Sorry to say that we won't be there either. I appreciate that you have just taken over as secretary, and I can only marvel at the amount of commitment that takes, but after being a staunch supporter of the GBBA over many years, the debacle of the cancelled contest doesn't leave me with much ground to defend against not going to the GBBA this year.
    Hope it goes well for you.
  5. 7thPosition

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    City of Bristol hope to be there again this year!!!
  6. Rebel Tuba

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  7. QAD

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    davegp, as a member of the GBBA executive commitee, I would expect better of you that your last post.
    Feel free to come and discuss your opinions of me face to face
  8. Kiz7

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    Any progress Dave? i know you have only been in post for a couple of months now but I really could do with sorting this out soon for the accounts.
  9. davethehorny

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    Don't forget closing date is the 18th of September!
  10. davethehorny

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    The details of the entries for the GBBA Own Choice March and Test Piece Contest are now on the GBBA website

    There are a total of 17 bands entered - an increase of 5 bands on 2008.
  11. davethehorny

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    Don't forget the GBBA Annual March & Test Piece Contest is taking place this weekend.

    The first band will take to the stage at 11.00 am for Section D.

    Entry is only £5 for a days entertainment at the Forest Theatre.

    We hope to see lots of you there supporting the bands.
  12. Chipper

    Chipper New Member

    Any results yet?
  13. Usk Youth Band recieved gold award again and the best soloist prize to our principal cornet! well done!
  14. davethehorny

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    GBBA Test Piece & March Contest Results

    Section A
    1st Lydbrook 192 pts Keighley Moor
    2nd Yeovil Town 190 pts Mephistopheles

    Test Piece
    1st Lydbrook 193 pts Connotations
    2nd Yeovil Town 190 pts Dances & Alleluias

    Best Instrumentalist Baritone Player – Yeovil Town

    Section B
    1st City of Bristol 187 pts French Military March
    2nd Corus (Port Talbot) 185 pts The New Colonial
    3rd AW Parker (Drybrook) 184 pts Bramwyn
    4th Wotton & District 182 pts Army of the Nile

    Test Piece
    1st City of Bristol 186 pts The Aeronauts
    2nd Corus (Port Talbot) 184 pts Salford Sinfonietta
    3rd AW Parker (Drybrook) 183 pts Dark Side of the Moon
    4th Wotton & District 180 pts Music for a Festival

    Highest Placed 3rd Section Band AW Parker (Drybrook)

    Best Instrumentalist Principal Cornet - City of Bristol

    Section C
    1st Corus (port Talbot) 181 pts The Cossack
    2nd Newport Borough 178 pts Old Comrades
    3rd Malvern Hills & District 172 pts Army of the Nile
    4th Pangbourne & District 171 pts Castleway
    5th Phoenix Brass 170 pts To Regions Fair
    6th Midsomer Norton & Radstock 168 pts Standard of St. George

    Test piece
    1st Corus (Port Talbot) 182 pts Music for a Festival
    2nd Newport Borough 180 pts Inspiration
    3rd Malvern Hills & District 173 pts Variations on Laudate Dominum
    4th Midsomer Norton & Radstock 172 pts Petit Suite de Ballet
    5th Pangbourne & District 171 pts Dimensions
    6th Phoenix Bras 170 pts Shakespearean Rhapsody

    Best Instrumentalist Principal Cornet - Pangbourne & District
    Best Trombone Section Corus (Port Talbot)

    Section D
    Usk Youth Gold Award
    City of Bristol Training Gold Award
    Lydbrook Training Silver Award

    Best Instrumentalist Pricipal Cornet - Usk Youth

    Special Awards
    Most Players Under 14 City of Bristol Training (14)
    Youngest Player Jacob Day Lydbrook Training
    Best Horn Section Wotton & District
    Best Bass Section Lydbrook
    Best Percussion Section Lydbrook
    Best Cornet Player Yeovil Town
    Best Flugel Player Lydbrook
    Best Euphonium Player Lydbrook
    Best Instrumentalist of the Day Baritone Yeovil Town
  15. tomrisca

    tomrisca New Member

    Just to modify Newport Borough won the best trombone section in section C
  16. General-lee

    General-lee New Member

    Congratulations to Jenny, Kirsty and Carole (Wotton horns) for winning best horn section of the day. You were fab.
  17. Taffy Euph

    Taffy Euph Member

    A Great Day was had by all, well done to our intrepid training band, a brilliant bunch of youngsters !

    Also many thanks goes out to the GBBA team for running a smooth day, shame you could not off sorted
    the weather !!!

    PS , catering was a welcome Bonus , well done FODB...
  18. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    As secretary of the GBBA, I would like to thank all bands that competed last Sunday at the GBBA March and Test Piece Contest for a great day of music making.

    There was a really warm and friendly atmosphere at the contest and no grumbles to date (I hope I am not tempting fate).

    I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible back on February 7th at our entertainment contest. Details are available on our website

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