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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Forest Gump, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    just wondering what bands are going to be there, i know a few bands in the non contesting section,us (berry hill), parkend and lydbrook training are going but i dont know about anybody else.lets hope there's a lot of entrants and lets all get behind the gbba
  2. alks

    alks Member

    I can say that ill be there with marshfield.

    Its a bit of a rush to put together a programme for feb 4th, but it will be a good practice before the areas. Hopefully this time the band won't be so nervous as we were at the one in November!.

    How are they running it this year? last year they changed it by running the sections in order as an experiment. In the past they mixed the bands up so one minute you had a 4th section then a 1st section. ??

  3. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    not sure that lydbrook training are going Stuart as the rules were changed for the last contest in November and the change means that several of the training band members who are registered for the main band are unable to play with the training band as Lydbrook are now in the Championship section. This rule will make it nigh on impossible for the training band to compete I would think, but I could be wrong. They are also out at Crosskeys the week before and I was given that date for my daughter a while ago but nothing about the 4th, although there may be a letter handed out about it when they start back.

    From the GBBA website:
    "Bands entering the unregistered section are now permitted to use a maximum of 6 registered players borrowed from all sections up to but not including the Championship section. As always, the contest controller's decision is final"
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  4. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    thats a pity but im sure robert will try his hardest to get you there,the rule change is a good thing (perhaps not the bit about championship players)it has enabled us at berry hill band and parkend band to enter,so well done to the gbba.
  5. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    so are you and parkend going as a joint band again or as separate bands?

    I hope that the Training band are able to compete because it would be very sad to penalise the only GBBA band which did actually compete in the unregistered section at the test piece contest just because a number of their players are also in the senior band (and therefore the top section). These kids attend training band rehearsals week in week out so it would be very harsh if they couldn't take part.

    Personally, it makes no odds to me playing wise whether they take part as it is my daughter who is in the band not me but I do teach a number of the youngsters and the GBBA test piece was their first contest and foray into brass banding at all. They loved it and can't understand why they are not able to take part at the next contest as things stand.

    It still seems a bit small minded to me. After all, if Cinderford have a good year and get promoted, then their grown ups wouldn't be able to play with the Academy band in the future at contests either, and then even more kids would lose out. It could happen to any of the local bands with youth/training bands, it just so happens that at the moment it is Lydbrook. I really hope the rule is changed so that all the local kids get a chance to perform.
  6. Forest Gump

    Forest Gump Member

    berry hill and parkend have entered seperatly,thanks as i said to the gbba listening to our concerns about the rules for our section,i would agree with you that the championship rule is a bit harsh on lydbrook ,hopefully this will get sorted in time for them to attend
  7. davethehorny

    davethehorny Member

    I believe the bands that have entered are as follows: -


    Parkend Silver
    Frampton On Severn
    Usk Youth
    Lydbrook Training
    Berry Hill Silver

    Open Section

    Pheonix Brass
    RAF St Athan
    Crosskeys Silver
    Bream Silver

    Should be an excellent day of banding with the maximum entry of 15 bands taking part.
  8. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Well, according to Dave's post Lydbrook Training are taking part so it looks like Robert has managed to sort something out which is great news for the kids, especially as they are taking part in the Gwent Youth Festival the week before - it means they now will have 2 chances to perform which is super! Well done everyone invlolved with making this happen
  9. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Has the closing date passed now Dave?

    Open section should prove an interesting one with many of the local bands choosing not to take part (ie Cinderford, Lydbrook, Pillowell,Lydney, Drybrook, Forest of Dean). Would imagine Bream fancy their chances - rightly so with the run they have been on lately!

    Anyone like to make any predictions for 1,2 and 3 in the sections?
  10. Gonna be interesting competing against higher section bands but a challenge that we will enjoy. Lookin forward to this as we enjoyed the experience last year.
  11. cornetsquint

    cornetsquint Member

    Does anyone know what time it all kicks off?
  12. GingerMaestro

    GingerMaestro Active Member

    Hard one to call but as a complete stab in the dark

    1st Portishead
    2nd Cross Keys
    3rd Bream
    4th Wotton or Tylorstown
    5th RAF St Athan
  13. Tuba Dave

    Tuba Dave Member

    i think the section b starts at about 10. section a is split into 2 draws the second one is at about 3!
  14. alks

    alks Member

    Goodness! it seams to have come around quick! all this then the areas just five weeks later......

    The unregistered section goes first i believe then the open section is divided in to two halfs. I think the open section starts in the afternoon.

    Should be a laugh, however with the areas test piece in the mix , i think it doesnt leave bands much time to prepare as much as they may have wanted. So really just have a fun day win or loose.

  15. This would be a great result considering the bands we are up against. It is quite close to the areas but as with last year it gives bands that on-stage experience and a few of the younger members a taster of the contest arena prior to the regionals.
    Rehearsals are going really well and we are looking forward to this and will then be working hard for the regionals. Also it's good to see some more Welsh bands making the short trip and best of luck to all bands that have entered.
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  16. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Absolutely. Always strikes me as a bit odd more of the bands who compete at crosskeys the week before don't pop up. Chance to play the same programme against some different bands. Not to far for some (such as severn tunnel, chepstow, newport etc)
  17. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    That would be a great result only we aren't going anymore! :(

  18. Ah well, guess the predicted places should all be moved up one then ! :clap: ;)
  19. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Anyone else withdrawn?
  20. alks

    alks Member

    Im still slightly confused. They are mixing up all the section this year (unlike last year when it was section by section) so therefore are they still giving prizes for the best band in each section and then an overall prize for the best bands of the day overall regardless of section?

    It wont really affect my band as we are likely to come bottom anyway. But its interesting to know?

    Im not sure if all the bands down to go will go, just hope it doesn't dwindle too much eh?


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