GBBA Entertainment Contest 2011

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    Entry forms are now available for the Gloucestershire Brass Band Association Entertainment Contest to be held on Sunday 6th February 2011 at Forest Theatre, Five Acres, Gloucestershire.

    Adjudicator for the contest will be Mr Melvin White and the compere Mr David Hayward.

    The contest will be run in two sections - Section 2 for Youth, Training and Un-registered band and Section 1, an open section for all nationally graded bands.

    Entries will be limited and will be accepted on a first received basis if the contest is over-subscribed.

    This is an open contest and therefore open to all bands irrespective of where you are based.

    Closing date for entries is 31st December 2010.

    To view details of the competition and to download an entry form and contest details please visit the GBBA website by following the link below.

    We look forward to seeing lots of you there.
  2. euph77

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    City of Bristol will be there - and we hope to be a little bit more "entertaining" this time!!
  3. The_Eighth_Dwarf

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    could just let the percussion section go on stage then, thay are entertaining enough BEFORE they start playing!!!!!! :biggrin:
  4. The_Eighth_Dwarf

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    And there are "Only Two Of Them"
  5. davethehorny

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    Just a gentle reminder to band secretaries that the closing date for entries for the 2011 GBBA Entertainment Contest is the 31st of December 2010.

    All entries currently received have been acknowledged by e mail - if your band has entered but not received an e mail please PM me to let me know your entry is on the way.

    If you have not yet posted your entry, please do so immediately and PM me to let me know it has been or is going to be sent.

    Lastly Merry Xmas from the GBBA Executive and a very prosperous 2011 to all bands.
  6. davethehorny

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    The Gloucestershire Brass Band Association is pleased to announce the following bands have entered the 2011 GBBA Entertainment Contest to be held at Forest Theatre on Sunday February 6th 2011.

    Section 2 - Youth, Unregistered and Training Bands
    Draw 10.30 - first Band on stage 11.00​
    (first band to play National Anthem)​
    Cheltenham Training​
    Lydbrook Training​
    Lydney Training​
    Polysteel Youth

    Section 1 - Open Section
    Draw 12.00 - Section to start after results of Section 2​

    AW Parker (Drybrook) (Section 4)
    Bream Silver (Section 3)
    Cheltenham Silver (Section 4)
    City of Bristol (Section 2)
    Forest of Dean Brass (Section 2)
    Frampton-on-Severn Silver (Section 4)
    Llwydcoed (Section 2)
    Pangbourne & District Silver (Section 4)
    Ynyshir (Section 2)​
  7. Paddy Flower

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    City of Bristol - 11/8 fav
    Forest of Dean Brass - 5/2
    Llwydcoed - 5/2
    Bream Silver - 8/1
    Ynyshir - 14/1
    AW Parker (Drybrook) - 18/1
    Frampton-on-Severn Silver - 100/1
    Cheltenham Silver - 250/1
    Pangbourne & District Silver - 500/1

    And the best of luck to all taking part
  8. Wont be there this year! all the best to all bands competing!
  9. davethehorny

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    Come and join us at the GBBA Entertainment Contest on Sunday 6th February.

    First band on stage at 11.00 AM

    Look forward to seeing you all there!!!
  10. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    The league started getting involved today and they're not in un-diluted agreement with me it has to be said...

    City of Bristol - 6/4 fav (from 11/8 )
    Forest of Dean Brass - 3/1 (5/2)
    Llwydcoed - 100/30 (5/2)
    AW Parker (Drybrook) - 5/1 (18/1) very popular pick with the league
    Bream Silver - 10/1 (8/1)
    Ynyshir - 18/1 (14/1)
    Pangbourne & District Silver - 33/1 (500/1) money for them
    Cheltenham Silver - 50/1 (250/1)
    Frampton-on-Severn Silver - 100/1
  11. Kiz7

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    Polysteel Youth have withdrawn
    Facebook group:!/home.php?sk=group_130269603705458&ap=1
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  12. Paddy Flower

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    Time for a final show ahead of tomorrow's off. The weight of expectation seems to have shifted away from the favorites and on to the outsiders, curious...

    City of Bristol - 13/8 fav (from 6/4) drifting
    Forest of Dean Brass - 3/1
    Llwydcoed - 4/1 (100/30) drifting
    AW Parker (Drybrook) - 11/2 (5/1) drifting
    Bream Silver - 11/1 (10/1) drifting
    Ynyshir - 11/1 (18/1) shortening
    Cheltenham Silver - 25/1 (50/1) shortening
    Pangbourne & District Silver - 25/1 (33/1) shortening
    Frampton-on-Severn Silver - 66/1 (100/1) shortening
  13. QAD

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow
  14. davethehorny

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    You might be Huw, but I will be glad when it is all over - too much stress organising the contest & playing at it.

    Great to see some old friends though.

    Lets hope we have a cracking days playing!!
  15. davethehorny

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    Full results from GBBA Entertainment Contest are as follows: -

    Section A

    1st AW Parker (Drybrook) 182 pts
    2nd City of Bristol 179 pts
    3rd Forest of Dean Brass 178 pts
    4th LLwycoed 176 pts
    5th Ynyshir 174 pts
    6th Bream Silver 172 pts
    7th Cheltenham Silver 171 pts
    8th Pangbourne & District 170 pts
    9th Frampton-on-Severn 169 pts

    Highest Placed 2nd Section City of Bristol
    2nd Placed 2nd Section Forest of Dean Brass
    3rd Placed 2nd Section Llwycoed

    Highest Placed 3rd Section Bream Silver

    Highest Placed 4th section AW Parker (Drybrook)
    2nd Placed 4th Section Cheltenham Silver
    3rd Placed 4th Section Pangbourne & District

    Best Soloist - Iestyn Davies - Cornet - Ynyshir
    Youngest Player - George Malpass - Frampton-on-Severn

    Section B

    Best Band - Lydbrook Training

    Lydbrook Training - Gold Award
    Cheltenham Silver Training - Silver Award
    Lydney Training - Silver Award

    Best Soloist - Otis Williams - Lydbrook Training
    Youngest Player - Alice Gwynne-Duggan - Lydbrook Training
  16. Paddy Flower

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    Wow, well done that man!!! :clap::clap:
  17. jonesbp

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    What Man?? Spill Paddy...
  18. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    The result announced to tMP by davethehorny. Which band does he play for?
  19. davethehorny

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    My error - right man wrong band!!!

    Best Soloist - Iestyn Davies - Cornet - LLwydcoed
  20. davethehorny

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    Paddy - although of course I am very pleased and a little stunned that we did so well, I announced the results as Contest Secretary and Organiser in my official capacity.

    Please note not even I tipped us to win today.

    Still really really pleased though:clap::clap::clap: even if our MD gave a right good talking to and went home in a mood because he thought it could have been a lot better.

    Great to hear an adjudicator give his reasons for placing bands in the order he did from the stage. Melvin White spoke really eloquently for almost ten minutes about the performances in general and what he was looking for and what he got on the day.