Gary Pumford is new M.D at Soundhouse Brass (Plymouth).

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  1. IanHeard

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    Soundhouse Brass based in Estover Plymouth, is delighted to announce the appointment of Gary Pumford as it`s new Musical Director.
    Gary succeeds Mike Faro, who leaves the band by mutual consent and with our best wishes for the future.
    Although Gary started in brass bands he has spent many years in the Royal Marines most recently as Bandmaster of the Royal Marines Plymouth Band. When Garry retired from the Marines he returned to his first love, the tenor horn, and took up the solo horn position with Soundhouse.
    Gary`s first job is to take the band to the upcoming SWBBA contest at Torquay in November and with a recent influx of 6 new players the band is confident of putting on a good show!
    Ian Heard.
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    Soundhouse Brass.

  2. Mesmerist

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    congratulations. Gary is a lovely man and a fine musician you should do well with him in charge. Good luck in November at Torquay.
  3. tam-tam2

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    Best of luck with the new appointment, I am sure it was a popular decision. I am sure you will do well under him, all the best in the run up to the Torquay Contest, here's to a good result for yourselves and Lympstone.....see you there!!

    Have you found a replacement solo horn?
  4. IanHeard

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    Hi Tim!
    You know all the best bands have a "bootneck" in charge!!
    We have a couple of options for Solo Horn at Torquay, so not too worried!
    Lets hope we both do the business come November!
  5. tam-tam2

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