Garforth Brass, Yorkshire, 4th section, bass (either variety), solo cornet and Sop

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    The band are rebuilding under a new MD (John Thompson) after a few years of decline and are moving in a very positive direction. A training band has been set up and is thriving, but we need the senior band to be bit fuller to do a concert in October, Christmas and the areas next year. We could go with a "beg/steal/borrowed" band, but we want to do this properly :)
    Easily accessible from M1 and A1, east of Leeds, and a friendly family orientated atmosphere (no politics), only one rehearsal a week (Sunday), and will take anyone from beginners (for the training band) to seasoned pros. However the priority is to get a band in to improve it while having fun!
    Contact the band manager on, or the MD on 07766880302

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