Gareth Wood- Concertino for Horn - Short/Full Version

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  1. I need to buy this piece for an audition and I need to know what the differences are between the Full and the short version.

    Firtsly- I have already ordered the full version in the mind that even if it is much harder I can simple cut the part to make it into the short version. However, I dont know whether the short version is just cut slightly or whether it is actually written

    Secondly- I am a 16 years old and iI'm a decent grade 8 player but I have seen the full version of the concertino on the diploma syllabus for ABRSM and I'm wondering if it is realistic for me to attempt the full version.

    Thirdly- Are there any horn players out there who have played Tenor Toccata and/or Rondo alla turka from the Owen Farr solo series as I would like to know what sort of difficulty they are and whether I should buy them. I am initially skeptical as tales from the village was very hard for me to learn.

    Thanks very much in advance for the help :D
  2. Aidan

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    difference is basically a cut yep, a bigger extended cadenza in the middle going upto something like a C, band version its accompanied with timps but when you play with piano the timp cues sound utter **** so I suggest you play the cadenza unaccomp or get a timpanist too!

    def realistic yep. Think I did it for gcse performance, going back a while!!

    never trust the village tales, buy and decide for yourself. No point buying something you know won't need much practise if you want to improve. Play the hardest things you can without losing the will to live.
  3. Wow thanks for the quick response it was very helpful all I need to do now is actually play it and see if I need to find out what the cuts are off of somebody. :D

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