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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Maestro, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Maestro

    Maestro Active Member

    My significant better half - or so she tells me - has let it be known that she wants an MP4 player for Christmas.
    I know nothing about these new fangled gadgets, but after a quick google session, I came across this.
    Can anybody out there please advise me if this particular one looks ok.
    Price is not that important as long as it's cheap!!!!!!!

    All help greatly appreciated as always.

  2. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    For that sort of gadget the only two worth considering are the Archos 605 or the new iPod Touch. However, both of these come in around 270 quid so well out of that price bracket. At a push you could also consider the Sony PSP paired up with a 4Gb or 8Gb memory stick.

    For MP4 players the most important consideration should be screen size, before anything else. Trying to watch movies on a tiny screen is a complete non-event and you really need something with a screen the size of those I've mentioned above to do it any sort of justice.

    Basically you get what you pay for and you should bear that in mind before purchasing.
  3. cornet1991

    cornet1991 New Member

    ye i would say the screen size shuldn't be less than 3 inch. It's like trying to watch a movie on a phone (never going to happen). like john said the psp is probably the best because you can watch movies go online play games etc etc. I got a psp a couple of years ago and its definately suceeded in what i wanted
  4. johnmartin

    johnmartin Active Member

    And of course the new Sony PSP slim & lite has a TV-out capability so you can watch your movies on a large screen.

    The Archos 605 has an optional docking station which allows you to record TV programmes directly and also playback to a TV screen.

    The iPod Touch has access to iTunes for downloading content. This will take off next year although at present choice is limited.

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