gabriel's oboe. eb bass solo.

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  1. i believe there is an arrangement of gabriels oboe for eb bass? is this true? anyone played or heard this? is there anyway i can get a copy of the solo part to try it before purchasing it?:biggrin:
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    woudn't mind giving that a try my self
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    Zone One Brass featured this arrangement in their pre-contest programme at Regent Hall in 2008. Worked beautifully, but needs a confident player who can play quietly in the top register.
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    I played in the European youth band in Norway 2003 and had the pleasure of accompanying Oysten Baadsvik (hope thats right) in his own arrangement of this piece. Works really well and he's a fantastic player, not sure if its published but definatly worth contacting him. Hope this helps
  7. thanks. i am not too good up the top register. looked at the score online and it is quite high. do you think it would work an octave lower or would that be silly!!!?
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    That doesn't strike me as a kosher EEb bass sound. It doesn't even look quite the right size to me. Are we sure that it's not a Bb tenor tuba (aka euphonium) he's playing?
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    Having watched the ideo and viewed the pdf file that is definitely the version Mark Grainger played with Zone One: goes up to concert G (brass band E for EEb bass), so maybe we're just not used to hearing tubas that high - looks like an EEb instrument to me in the video, or even an F.
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    Oystein plays a 5-valve custom Miraphone single Eflat that he helped design.
  11. i think then someone out there should arrange it again, this time making it a little bit more manageable for us non proffesional/ cant manage above the stave eb bass players. ha ha ha. there must be someone who could do this!!
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    Alternatively, it could just be left to the oboe players......
  13. booooooo!!! so negative. typical euph players!!!
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    I don't normally defend euph players but listen to this rendition. I know which one I prefer. It's not a matter of who is the better player, it's just the sound.


    guess it's not worth buying to play on BBb Bass then :biggrin: