Fusion Gig Bags for Trombone

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    I need a good gig bag I can carry either my bass bone or my F-attachment tenor. I had back surgery after a nasty car accident. I came up with cleaver idea that works well. I strap my gig bag to a golf hand cart. It folds up nicely, is light weight and fold up so it fits in the back of my VW Beetle.

    What I need is a good bag, that is light, that has lots of pockets. Even with the cart, I need one hand on my cane. Therefore my music, bone stand, music stand, water bottle and other stuff including slide cream and mouthpiece all need to fit in the bag. I just do not have an extra hand to carry anything.

    The Fusion Bags are new to the US, as they are a UK company (http://www.fusion-bags.com/products/f1-tenor-trombone-gig-bag)


    This seems to have lots of pockets, and a rather big pocket for the backpack straps which I would never need, so I would cut them off and and use the "pouch" to carry my music stand.

    These bags are expensive - does anyone have experience with this line of bags (not just bone, but tenor or trumpet, etc.)? Opinions would be welcome!