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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by axio, Jul 12, 2005.

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    I was prompted into this thought by this thread: http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?t=15289

    As I understand it, if you 'need' to copy parts to either make up numbers or replace missing/damaged parts then to do so without permission is an infringement of copyright.

    What I was imagining was a licensing scheme, similar to what is used in software, where a certificate is sent with the music stating that the band has a license to copy this music for their use only.

    What this means is that the life of the music is linked to the certificate and not the sheets of paper on which the notes are printed - allowing copying to replenish supplies up to that license.

    It would have the benefit of making it far easier to conduct 'audits' of legit band music, as the band would simply have to produce its folder of license certificates. It would also reduce the number of parts requiring printing in the first place as only an original set would be required, this would also reduce the cost of distribution (which is important when you live in NZ).

    It would also allow easier distribution of out-of-print music, as a band could buy the certificate only from the copyright holder, and then obtain the parts from another band (as with current copyright laws, we do trust that users would respect the scheme enough to ask for a valid certificate).

    For bands without photocopier access, traditional distribution could still be available, or the immediate above may apply.

    I don't know who's pocket this affects. I am aware it makes music 'last longer' (printers don't get to sell the same piece to the same band twice).
    And I'm not sure how well people think that such a scheme would work, so I'd be interested in some feedback.

    I do know that one of my bands recently destroyed about half of the library it inherited due to copyright, and purchasing certificates (at the cost expected for each piece) would have helped us out.

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    My father operates a similar system, particularly with wind band items, where you are never sure how many parts will be needed. Each original copy is stamped in red, and all he asks is that those originals are there as part of any set in use.

    Some of the Salvation Army worship chorus sets from the US work in the same sort of way.

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