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    Some exciting news everyone!!

    I’ve been accepted onto a team travelling to Eastern Siberia in summer 2005 to do some volunteer work and generally experience a different way of life as part of the Guiding Assoc.'s work over there in establishing guide and brownie groups. We will camp for a week, stay with a Russian family for a week and then stay in Moscow for a week. The team consists of 10 young people (inc myself) aged roughly between 16-18 yrs ( I’m 18 ) and four leaders. Now obviously a once in a lifetime experience such as this don't come cheap and the next few months are going to entail a LOT of fundraising. So seeing as I know a lot of you are part of volunteer organisations and are familiar with fundraising for your bands I was wondering if you had any sure-fire/interesting ideas for fundraising. Obviously my band are supporting me fully and we’ve already though about doing a concert where the proceeds go to the team, but I was wondering if anyone had any other, more fun/unusual ideas?? Don’t have to be band related since the rest of the team aren't banders and they will want to get involved too!!

    Shell (& Team Siberia 2005! :) )
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    Well done you! its always good to haer that the younger generation are getting out and about to see, and help the world. good luck to ya


    thers always the fun wax 1st time i head about it was when tmp mum sugestsed we volenteer a mod to have it done to raise money for children in need.
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    dare i ask what that is?!?!
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    there's always the classic... one trombone, a hat, and 5 pieces of music and you've got a good 8 hours of busking material there!

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