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  1. 3rdcornetsolo

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    Hi Everybody,

    I have just been coerced into working on the fundraising committee for my local 4th section band (who desperately need to raise money to renovate the band room) and wondered what sort of fund raising your bands do… what works? What doesn’t? What new and innovative forms of fund raising your bands have tried.

    Obviously we have already considered the traditional methods of raising funds – raffles, quiz nights, games nights, 100 club, we even organize a classic car run but need more ideas.

    Your assistance/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. brassbandmaestro

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    Last time some of members did a sponsored bicycle ride to raise funds for Harrogate. Reached quite a decent total.


    We used to do a 24hour play-in when I was at Wantage but this is more difficult to do if you haven't got loads of players. Wantage had 3 bands plus beginners at the time!
  4. Bungle

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    Ever heard of a beetle drive? Well I thought up of a variation called a cornet drive with six parts - mouthpiece, valve 1, valve2, valve 3, body and bell. The good thing is kids can play along too.
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    I agree with Claire, I played with Douglas Town Band who did a playathon we did 12 hrs of playing and people could choose what they wanted from a list (so the music in the pads) and it would cost them so much. If you are planning to do this make sure it is well advertised!!

    Also I find the usual fund raising methods of sponsored walks, runs and cycles are good if you are going to do something like this in a busy area take a bucket as people will throw in their loose change and every little helps! Also cake sales work wonders, Easter egg raffles if you can find an extraordinary large chocolate egg.

    Hope that helps.
  6. emziesonic

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    yeah we did a ten hour blow 2 years ago, and players drifted in and out through out the day meaning there wasnt literally one player playing for 10 hours with out a break, was a very successful day!
  7. ratpit

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    An auction of promises on a sunny afternoon with a concert in the local pub's beer garden

    It did the trick for me as the beer and sunshine loosened people's wallets!
  8. Suggest you approach local councillors and Rotary Club to see if they can help or match fund. We recently rebuilt our band room and had help from the Rotary Club and the local male voice choir, the "Local Members Initiative Scheme" through Staffordshire County Council and also funds from the "Community Chest" at Newcastle Under Lyme Borough Council - there should be an equivalent source where you are. Tesco also give funding help to local schemes as do the Coop. I think E-on also have a community funding scheme. Some local companies might sponsor or provide materials. I know it's difficult at the moment but worth a try. A number of fund raising ideas have already been mentioned in the thread, such as sponsored blows etc. Remember you can busk and collect on private property at any time as long as you have the owners' permission e.g. shopping malls, m/way service stations, pub car parks, outside supermarkets etc. You can also hold street/door to door collections but need a licence from the local council, which is free! (can only do this once per calendar year so if you already busk at Christmas you won't be allowed another licence.

    It requires a fair amount of hard work and commitment but you will get there - it took us twelve years altogether but we now have a new custom - built band room. If I can be of any more help PM me.

    Good Luck!
  9. bignige

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    Have you got any golfers in the band? A golf day can raise a bit but does need a lot of organising.
  10. 3rdcornetsolo

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    Thanks BigNIge... a golf day has already been suggested as we have several players who are members at local golf clubs and the band had a team who were fairly succesfull in the brass band open golf a couple of years ago.

    Peter, thank you loads as those suggestions are just the kind of thing I was looking for... and I will def be looking into local grants from Tesco, E-on et al/

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone... but keep 'em coming lol!

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