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    Marlow Band celebrates its centenary this year and have a number of special events to commemerate our birthday. Our flagship event scheduled for 15th July 2006 has hit the buffers a little in terms of funding.

    The event costing in the region of £10,000 was earmarked to receive funding a variety of sources. Including local sponsorship, donations, our own funds and what we had hoped to be significant grants from the formal grant funding organisations.

    To our dissapointment these more formal funding opportunities are failing to materialise despite what we had been led to beleive was the perfect event in relation to what they have said the usually help fund.

    Other than are own fund raising events can anyone on tmp suggest any other avenues we may try?

    Any information would be gratefully received feel free to pm if you would rather

    Many thanks

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    its our centenary too and we have done a CD, got enamal badges to sell, visit to Mayor planned, reunion concert planned with Raffle quiz sheet, social night, bonus ball, extra concerts, write to lions, rotary and round table, arts grant from council, co op grant, airport grant, local building society grant, awards for all grant and a jumble/table top sale and we qualified for finals too so need extra £3,000!!
    We will write to businesses too to ask for raffle prizes and also do extra band jobs

    hope this helps;)
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    Are you in an ex mining area? If you are the coal field regeneration trust is very generous with grants. When we got ours last year they even sent someone out to tell me exactly how to word the forms etc.
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    Not much mining in the Thames valley, I'm afraid :(
  5. michellegarbutt

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    Hey I had no idea where they were i'm just trying to help
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    Marlow is big on Jam butty mines

    IYOUNG Member

    Thanks for the suggestion much appreciated, alas as said we aren't in the mining areas.

    Your last sentence is very telling as this is an area we have been dissapointed in, what help is a letter coming back saying your application has been unsuccesful because certain criteria of the grant award scheme hasn't been met, and then absolutely know clue as to what that area is!!!

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    Do you have any agencies that will help with your grant application? In Derbyshire there is a funded body that can pre-vet your grant applications. They have a good idea which funders to go to and also help with the application e.g. whilst you may want to tell them loads of stuff about your band etc they are only bothered that you meet the funding criteria. Of course one big problem with all these will be the time factor and the need to prove that unless you get grant funding then the event wont/cant go ahead. Retrospective grants are never allowed.

    Whilst you may not be in a ex-mining area there are also funds from the Aggregate Levy (any quarying locally?) and Landfill Tax Grants.

    Good luck and I hope you can get some assistance.
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    recording a cd is always a good way, putting on your own concert also works because your taking all of the profits!
    obviously its the wrong time of year and a little late for wot u have planned but at xmas time, get groups together to go buskin, i know of bands in my area that made a couple of grand just doing that in December,
    Anyway good luck in finding funding,