Funding axe for Welsh brass bands?

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    Funding axe for Welsh brass bands?

    Read the story here:-

    This is completely unacceptable. Music making at grass roots level is a fundamental part of Welsh culture and good for the country, which makes it deserving of the support of the Arts council of Wales / Welsh government. This is not the place to make cuts. This must be fought.

    Please don't just complain on this thread and accept defeat. Please sacrifice only 5 minutes of your time to email the Arts Council of Wales and your politicians to complain about this.
  2. stevetrom

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    In the current financial climate can we really expect tax payers money (yes yours and my money) to be given to bands to buy instruments?

    My band don't receive any money but we still manage to run a band and a junior band.
  3. hellraiser

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    In my view - yes. The axe should fall on bigger and more worthy targets.
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    I have to agree with stev on this one, put your brass banding background to one side and look at the bigger picture. Given the current climate there are much better ways to spend public money on than on brass bands
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    Oh really? Invoking the 'bigger picture' doesn't really help you here.

    Nice to see that taxpayers pay £2000 a week housing benefit to an unemployed Somali asylum seeking family to live in Kensington amongst celebrities...
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    I think Ian was referring to the fact the story was in the Daily Wail...
  9. hellraiser

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    It doesn't matter which media organisation reports or fails to report this matter- the bill to the taxpayer is still £8000/month. One must wonder why some media organisations fail to report these matters.

    Let's not be under any illusions here that taxpayers money is being very well spent, nor that scrapping the drop in the ocean obtainable by brass bands will somehow be necessary or indeed make any significant inroads to mend the public finances.

    I invite those who disagree with me to list what else in the arts councils budget should be cut in this 'current climate', or indeed if the arts councils should be scrapped entirely?
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  10. The Wherryman

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    That could just be asking for trouble. Arts council members might also view this forum and who wants to give them ideas for more cuts? Not me :mad:
  11. lynchie

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    "We've got the full percussion of a symphony orchestra - we didn't have that two years ago. Through Tŷ Cerdd we've been able to do that, through the funding they've given us."

    I would imagine a substantial reduction from enough funding to buy a full orchestral percussion set-up in 2 years could still leave them plenty to run a band like most of the rest in this country.
  12. WoodenFlugel

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    I was. I'm glad someone was paying attention!

    Exactly. While most bands in England are hardly rolling about in mountains of cash, they are surviving without funding grants from local government. Sorry to come across all Norman Tebbit, but if they want something, they work for it.

    Normally I'm a big advocate of funding for the Arts, but when people are losing their jobs in the public sector and the country is struggling to get back on it's feet after a pretty dreadful recession its only sensible to prioritise where the money goes.
  13. Thirteen Ball

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    Think yourself lucky the welsh arts council appears interested in brass bands at all. I live in yorkshire and brass banding is every bit the part of our heritage that it is yours.... except our bands receive very little help from local or central government.

    I've never been in a band that's received any arts council funding for anything. Every instrument I've seen bought was funded through fundraising, raffles, bake-sales, concerts, christmas carolling on street corners etc. That's also why, as is becoming depressingly frequent, when a band's sponsor pulls out, the band folds.

    Arts as a whole are generally cut in tough times. Your bands should be thankful that they have at least had some funding through the better times. If it has been invested wisely they should now be able to reap the benefits of that through the lean times.
  14. geordiecolin

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    Or maybe it has been reported elsewhere, just slightly less hysterically?

    Oh my word. Lush houseplants? Rugs? Whatever next? Down with this sort of thing!
  15. hellraiser

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    You forgot to mention the 50 inch TV and luxury sofas. I note that you are not expressing any disapproval of the story but rather are shooting the messenger.

    Maybe you approve of giving things to people for free. Feel free to send me a 50 inch TV, luxury sofas, lush houseplants, rugs and the keys to a house in a street of multi-millionaires are your earliest convenience.
  16. StellaJohnson

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    I fail to see what a somoli asylum seeker has to do with arts council funding in wales????
  17. hellraiser

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    All very admirable, but despite all this the arts councils do pump millions towards cultural activities in your area; if brass bands do not make applications to take advantage of these opportunities then there we go. Someone else will claim it instead. And the government's fiscal problems will still be there whether you claim anything or not.

    I encourage people to read how much money the arts councils have spent in your area and on what cultural projects. There is a website out there with all the details, it's quite an eye opener.

    There's no use in people shooting themselves in the foot on here, pridefully declaring that no bands should get funding because your particular band survives without. Different bands in different areas have different circumstances and ambitions.

    By claiming grants from arts councils etc you would in effect simply be reclaiming via grants some the taxes you all pay to be reinvested in your culture, rather than watch it being spent promoting other people's cultural projects.
  18. hellraiser

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    Well it's not difficult. Both receive taxpayers money. The former is in receipt of 5+ times as much as the latter, and the latter is facing a cut. I have a problem with that.
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    I'm affaid if your band receives money from taxes then every band in the uk will also want the same.

    It will never happen so instead of moaning on here perhaps you and your committee should start thinking how you are going to raise the required money every year, instead of receiving HAND-OUTS (probably not the best word but oh well) from grants etc etc.
  20. hellraiser

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    Then the grants will go to other cultural projects.
    Does your lecture apply to everyone who applies for arts council funding or just brass bands?

    PS. I am expressing personal views as a taxpayer & I'm not on any band committee. I just care about the movement as a whole losing funding, when there are bigger and more worthy targets out there for government cuts.