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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by HSax, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. HSax

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    Hello!!! We are looking for a powerful Lead Trumpet and two Trombones! We prefer good readers if possible but, whoever comes along, the main criteria is FUN!! Everyone I have recruited to date has an easy going, relaxed personality, a fun but serious outlook on music with a real dediction to making the sound as tight as possible!
    If you are free on a Monday evening and Sleaford isn't too far for you to travel, let me know! We have coffee and tea on tap and...... o, yes, we usually visit the local pub afterwards!!!
    Hope to hear from someone soon! H
  2. Brassy Lady

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    What sort of band are you - type of material, line-up, gigs?
  3. SteveT

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    Hey what about old fart ex-pro trombonist!

    07970 458079
  4. HSax

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    Sounds great - sounds like you will fit in on all counts lololol..... but are you anywhere near us???