fun cadenza?

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  1. barroweuph

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    Help - does anybody know of any fun cadenzas or ideas of fun music - Playing another fine mess Euph duet on saturday and i wanted something to make the audience laugh. Key of B Flat Major would be Ideal!
  2. mjwarman

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    I seem to remember seeing Kidlington(?) Band play this at an entertainment contest and the two playing the duet dressed up as Laurel and Hardy!

    There was some comical tripping over and head scratching, this certainly made the audience laugh!!
  3. PeterBale

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    If you get a chance, watch the original clip of film and that should give you all the inspiration you need. When I've seen Grimethorpe do this their interpretation was spot on and really brought the house down. I don't really think it needs anything extra, which could detract from the basic idea.
  4. Flugelmahorn

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    Newtongrange used this as an entertainments item very successfully in 2005. Both euphs played without the music and included a bit of play acting including using an inflatable hammer for Olly to hit Stan with (at the appropriate time) and also did as close to the original Laurel & Hardy "Soft Shoe Shuffle" when the band took over the main melody.

    As far as I recall there wasn't really much space to put a cadenza in and it's fairly frantic stuff for both soloists and band.
  5. zak

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    As this piece was arranged for myself and Michael Dodd I'm pretty sure that there is no cadenza in it. I don't think a cadenza is really needed if I'm honest. Watch the old films of them and copy their mannerisms and if you have the time, learn the dance as we did, took a while but well worth the effort! Learn the piece if possible without music too, when we first performed this piece at Spennymoor brass in concert we used music but shortly after we learned it without and it's much better,it gives you the freedom to move around the stage.

    Props and costume also add to the audience pleasure, such as a big blow up hammer for example. I remember one gig playing it and we forgot the all important hammer, the only thing available at this theatre venue was a skeletons leg. I could hardly play for laughter!! :biggrin:

    Good luck with your performance and enjoy the piece. I know I did, performing it for over 2 years week in week out with Grimey.

  6. Mr_Euniverse

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    There's always room for a bit of artistic licence in some cadenza passages.
    It's all a guide really!! (Quote: Andrew Tossell (2nd Euph @ Tongwynlais))

    Listen to Endearing Young Charms on our CD!!!!! And you'll see what I mean!
    £10 (& p+p)
  7. Thirteen Ball

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    Fantastic piece, love it to bits! I saw Grimey (Evidently including Zak, above) play it at the city varieties in leeds a few years back, and it even had a couple of my non-banding mates who'd tagged along in fits of giggles.

    Music the way it should be... to be enjoyed by audience and players alike.

    All the best getting that super B-Flat. Rather you than me...... (I'll get it six octaves lower though. ;) )
  8. chiephonium

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    i will vouch for this... i never tired of seeing Michael and Shaun performing this item...

    Hows things by the way Shaun - good i hope....

    We did them over at the area - very enjoyable indeed... ;) :D
  9. zak

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    Yes it was myself, guilty as charged. I remember playing it there. Both myself and Mick were a bit worried about the huge 8 foot drop off the front off stage as the stage has one heck of a slope on it!!;)
  10. Thirteen Ball

    Thirteen Ball Active Member

    Yeah, stage drops right off into what used to be a kind of orchestra pit. I can imagine it being rather daunting. And there's not a lot of space to fit a band in either as I recall!

    Funny that, I used to get a lot of ribbing off my mates, and my then girlfriend for being in a brass band (I'm sure we've all experienced a bit of that) but I managed to persude a couple to come along, mainly because I had bought too many tickets, so they didn't have to pay!

    As I said before, the lads all loved another fine mess too, but my girlfriend at the time never really got the whole banding thing. However when the 'brassed off' stuff came out, and Londonderry Air nearly tore the roof off the place, (Ableit a rather shaky roof) I looked at the end round and she was in floods of tears! She never really understood it, but I think that's the closest she was.

    And I've never got another ribbing off any of them after that, so cheers for doing my street cred wonders!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    As above the Dance is the bit that matters.. Get the movie it's timeless..

    Also we do it dressed up with long DJ and ties as per the film..and play around with the music parts falling on the floor etc slapstick etc... Also have big blow-up hammer. We've done it second item in on the second half being absent or aruing and walking off in a huff to get changed then coming in from the back after the band has started just running the intro until ready - Helped also that I'm 20 stone and Adam Rutter is about 3 stone ringing wet !! guess who's who !! Great visuals... We also dress Always goes down a scream..
  12. persins

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    Anything like the artistic license that you took while on tour of Switzerland?! That was just fantastic! Euph soloist and band 1, Conductor nil!