Fully searchable results database now on the webFully searchable results database now

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  1. Statto

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    After a few teething problems, the new contest results search facility is now launched via the homepage of the BBW site.

    The link is www.brassbandworld.com/results_filter

    To date there are approx. 300 contest results in the system and coverage will increase as the weeks and months (and years!) go on.

    Please try it out and let me have any feedback, good or bad.


  2. bassmittens

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    Well that must have passed an hour or so on a quiet Sunday afternoon!!;)

    Well done - what a lot of info, quite interesting to look through. I really like the way you can define your search criteria by test piece, band, conductor etc
  3. Statto

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    BBW Results database relaunched, again!

    Those of you who have struggled with the navigation around the BBW Results database - yes, it was grim wasn't it? - will be pleased to hear that the database front end has been overhauled. It now works as it was meant to from outset!

    Please give it a try at http://www.brassbandworld.com/results.php

    Also, if you haven't yet tried the 'results filter', then it can be found at http://www.brassbandworld.com/results_filter.php or via the link on the BBW home page.

    As ever, all comments welcomed.



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