Full Marks to Cresswell !!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Shaggy, May 14, 2006.

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    I had a call from Cresswell band to help them out on a concert last night, and was looked after very well. All the basic requirements of a stand in drummer were provided:- The concert programme, the music sorted and in order (no third triangle parts shoved in thoughtlessly) a warm welcome by one and all, plenty of help with my gear, an offer of money, and a generous "thank you" to me by the MD for helping out, in front of the audience.

    Well done Cresswell!

    p.s. A note for all bands and librarians when engaging a "stand in" drummer. There is nothing more annoying than turnng up to help out a band, only to find that none of the music is in order and there is no list of the pieces to be played. Its much more important for the drummer to find that this has been sorted out, becuase we are always too busy setting up our gear to have time to be mucking about with music. Also, make sure the drummer has THE CORRECT PARTS!!!! DO NOT!!!! just shove the first thing you see with the word "percussion" written on it in the pad, leaving the drummer to make the best of a dedicated part for "wind chimes" or "willow warbler". Would you ever contemplate putting a tuba part in the principle cornet pad, on the ground thats "well its all brass isn't it? does it really matter"? No...exactly.
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    Good grief.

    A post from Shaggy that I agree with.
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    What?????.....oh blimey!! what have i done!!???
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    Gentlemen please....;);)