FS: Bach Stradivarius ML Trumpert with 65* bell

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    Up for sale is my Bach Stradivarius ML 65* from 1978. I have played it for a couple years only, but the last few years I have been playing my cornet only, so I would like to offer this wonderful trumpet to someone looking for a great playing and sounding horn.

    To the history of the instrument:
    I don’t have every detail, but this is what I gathered from the last two owners:
    It was the main trumpet of a professional trumpet player in the mid-west of the USA.
    Eventually it ended up with Trent Austin – a professional Jazz trumpet player.

    Somewhere a trumpet player in Texas got hold of it, but when his trumpet collection got to large and his cash-flow to low, he sold it to another professional trumpet player.
    Eventually this person wanted my trumpet and I his, so I ended up with this Bach.

    The trumpet used to be a 3 tone lacquer, but was stripped down to the raw brass by the guy in Texas. The person who worked on the horn for silver plating did amazing work. He buffed it extremely little before plating to preserve its playing characteristics. The slides move very quickly and the horn has lots of compression.

    The serial number puts it to a 1978 manufacture date which is bad according to the quality standards of the time, but this one does play very very well! The valves are extremely fast as well and QUIET!! They are not worn at all.

    ASKING PRICE IS: 1199 GBP or obo.
    Also considering a trade for a newer Sovereign 928 Silver

    Please keep in mind that most of theses great vintage Bach Strads sold on ebay are going for a pretty good price. On top of that a person in the UK has to add about 30 % for Import duty, taxes and handling fees on top of the purchase and posting cost.

    Trumpet hasn't been played for a while and needs a wee polish.



    Here is some info from the for sale ad of the person from Texas:

    Bach Stradivarius ML 65* Trumpet 70's vintage #15404X ( 1978 )
    RARE and BEAUTIFUL sound. One of the warmest sounds I've ever played. Low Reserve and ready for you!

    Up for sale is an extremely rare and beautifully sounding Bach Vintage Stradivarius Trumpet. This model is my personal favorite, a 65*. The 65 bell is in my opinion Bach's Darkest bell and was the preferred bell choice of Wynton Marsalis when he used to play Bach horns. It's got an absolutely FANTASTIC sound and is rich with full overtones.

    Quick Specs on this beauty
    ML (not the MLV bore, which in my opinion is too stuffy!) .459 bore
    25 stock leadpipe
    Normal weight body
    65* (lightweight) bell
    Serial #15404X
    Amado water keys added on tuning and 3rd slide.
    Recently serviced and plays great

    In my opinion the LT bell on a standard weight body makes this an amazingly versatile horn because it CAN be bright if you want it to. The horn structurally is VERY solid and the valves in EXCELLENT shape with very little wear. The original lacquer does show signs of wear but this does not effect the sound or playability at ALL!

    Many thanks and please view my other auctions soon to come!
    Happy Bidding!
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    Hi folks;

    Please forget the suggested price on the original post. When I posted the ad I did not know what a decent asking prize for this instrument would be, so I just looked up eBay and what some of these trumpets have sold for.

    SO, PLEASE DISREGARD THE PRIZE AND MAKE ME AN OFFER, ANY OFFER. I need to move this trumpet and my Benge Piccolo out before Christmas.

    I hate to put it on eBay, but if I found no takers here I will list it later on the Bay.
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    Under offer
  4. Capt. Z

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    traded for a newer Sovereign 928 :)

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