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  1. Charmed

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    After spending over an hour trying to embrace 'new technology' it suddenly occured to me how much time we must spend searching the internet for things when one simple phone call would have dealt with my enquiry! :mad:

    After clicking on the links on a post about new music, I came across a piece that I hadn't realised had been arranged as a horn solo. Quite excited about this, as it is a favourite song of mine I investigated further. This piece of music offered through Bernaerts did not state a price, so I thought, I wonder if Band Supplies has it in stock. Hence a search on the internet for their website. Glorious, you could download an up-to-date catalogue. Great, only you needed Adobe. Not knowing whether I have this programme :)oops: ) I pressed to download. OMG! I've now got something on my computer that I have no idea how to use. Photoshop? What's that for? After going through all the different downloads, installation, etc, etc, and having to close all my current open programmes down, the computer then needed to restart. Finally, after installation was complete, I searched for the band supplies catalogue. Being a 'thickie' re computers, I didn't realise that installing Adobe did not mean the 'catalogue' was there for me to view. So back to the band supplies website, I pressed to download the catalogue. After viewing the cataloge, I realised I had downloaded the 'instrument catalogue' and not the 'music catalogue'! So back to downloading the music catalogue. And guess what? They don't stock the piece I was looking for. Now, this all took over an hour! Why didn't I just do it the old fashioned way and pick up the phone? I probably would have got the information I needed after 1 minute!

    Anyway, now that I have got Adobe installed on my computer, can anyone explain to me why I need it? Or should I just delete it?

    A very frustrated computer illiterate person. :eek:
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    LOL! Not had much luck today have you?!
    Adobe is a program that you use to view certain files. You do not need it, but if downloading/ trying to view internet files it is useful to have as many files do require it. I use it quite often, some music scores open in that format as well. Always useful to keep Adobe on the computer, it is used more than you realise.

    A laughing, semi-computer literate person ;)
  3. brassneck

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    More specifically, you are asked to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. One of the most popular forms of keeping information is use .pdf files. If you want to read more about it, visit their site here.
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    You should have just emailed me Susan - I'd have done all of the legwork for you! ;)
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    Hi Susan,

    If you want to order direct from Bernaerts, send them an email and they will let you have the price of the piece, alternatively fill in one of the order forms and they will get straight back to you with the details

    Hope this helps, if not pm me with the title of the piece and I will find out how much it is for you from them.

  6. Charmed

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    Thanks, email has just gone. :D
  7. Charmed

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    Aww Dave, thanks! Next time I will remember this and get you to do it all for me. :biggrin:
  8. DaveR

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    And you'll get a 10% discount from me! You don't get that anywhere else..... ;)
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    Smoothie! :rolleyes:
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    :biggrin: You can have one too if you order your music from me! :rolleyes:
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    Ooh you silver tongued hussy. :biggrin:
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    Actually this is not true.

    I sent a very polite email asking for the price code list and have had several quite rude replies back as in addition to my full name they also wanted to know my full address, country, telephone number and band! All just to find out how much their products cost!

    It really is ridiculous! I won't order something without knowing how much it is and I'm not into giving all my details out to anyone and everyone!

    Why wont they publish their price list?
  13. brasscrest

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    Because they don't want their competitors doing research to undercut their prices.

    They're probably asking for all of the information as an attempt to distinguish which inquiries are serious as opposed to those which are not. Someone has to be paid to answer inquiries like this, and answering a query which is not ever going to result in a sale is a loss.

    Please note, I'm not saying that this is good business practice - but it is one that is commonly used in many industries. I've dealt with software vendors who asked for similar information, and on top of that required me to sign a binding document saying that I would not disclose the quoted prices to anyone outside my organization.