Fruit Machines... if you play them, you MUST watch this

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Fishsta, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    Right Click here and "Save Target As" (or equivalent)

    This is a segment from a program called "Scam" that was shown in the midlands. It shows a Club Monopoly machine running on the MFME emulator and demonstrates just how fixed fruit machines are.

    Be like me, give up now. You're only going to lose.

    For more information on the Fairplay Campaign, go HERE.
  2. Dave Payn

    Dave Payn Active Member

    I gave up a few years back (a few years too late, nevertheless) but this is link is absolutely ideal. Good spot Fishsta.

  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I don't see the problem of companies who lease these machines having a certain mark-up - they do have to make some return, and after all, it is gambling... but that sems to be where there is what I would term fraud occurring.

    When placed with that last choice as per the video clip, it would seem that whatever the user chooses, the result will always be that they will lose. Therefore the chances are not as they would read, deception is taking place, and is totally unfair. I would read that 100% as fraud.

    Well spotted Ian...
  4. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    The other aims of Fairplay are worth reading, too.... for example, making them 18+ only and stemming the current rise of teenage gambling.

    Have a read on the Rip-Off Video Games side of the site too. Much as I never really liked the guy when I first met him, he's absolutely spot-on with what he's written.
  5. Railybobs

    Railybobs Member

    i tried fruit machines but i never geet any fruit. Just shed loads of money. what a total con it all is ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. spookybiking

    spookybiking Member

    gambling machnines u gotta know how 2 play em,
    its all bout bar codes on features to get features, ive seen ppl drop the jackpot like 5 times straight off on different machines, but i do alright most of the time when i play them.
  7. Fishsta

    Fishsta Active Member

    You'll learn, I used to think that way too.

    There's only one purpose of fruit machines... to separate you from your money.
  8. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

    Fruit machines

    They ain't all bad!

    I just went down the pub and put £3 in the machine, First time I got into the feature, everything flashed red at me. I got the Jackpot!! then, it flashed up repeat yes/no? It stopped on yes.

    I walked away very happy with £50 in my pocket thank you very much.

    this was at about 8.30. guess what happened next?!? :guiness good thing I'm not working tomorrow morning. :hammer
  9. T-Horn

    T-Horn Member

    I only play em if I got a bit of spare change in my pocket that I want to get rid of. Other than that I don't really bother with them
  10. alks

    alks Member

    The problem with fruit machines is that they can never be truly random. You cannot shake a dice inside a computer. All random functions are run on by a program which tries to simulate randomness-but it is not possible to be truly random. Thats why Fruit machines cannot be fair in that way. Also fruit machines can only pay out what's inside them - a truly random fruit machine would not be feasible in case of extreme luck occuring for the player or machine. It is best not to 'play' a fruit machine seriosly -it is much better to use it to clear your pocket of loose change or an exuse to leave your friends when they start talking about football ( in my case).

  11. BigHorn

    BigHorn Active Member

    Oh Dear :? I'd better sell my premium bonds then.