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  1. You've all probably seen on the news about the ferry that got flooded or read it in the paper. but i was fortuante to actually be on the ship and my room was about 5 foot from where the wave came in and the room had about 2ft of water in it. i was asleep at the time and heard a hugh bang. very very frightening it was alot worse than the papers said. so instead of being in spain im back home in cold saddleworth !!!!
  2. Di

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    How terrible. I don't watch TV or read the news, but have heard about this last night. At least you're back home safe and sound and able to tell the tale! I hope it doesn't put you off and you're soon enjoying a sunny holiday.
  3. bigmamabadger

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    Sounds horrible. I'm scared of ferries. Glad you're back on dry land.
  4. PeterBale

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    When returning from a school trip to Germany we had to shelter off the Hook of Holland for two hours because of rough seas, and that was bad enough! Glad you are alright and there was no lasting damage.
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    I'm setting off on my first cruise on Saturday, beginning to wonder if I should take my own lifebelt. Will certainly be paying attention when we have lifeboat drill.
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  7. thought we changed this a while ago
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    Obviously not.
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    I've been on this journey a few times's a bit scary to hear that something like this could happen! :eek: We've never had cabins by the "window" though, my mum's always been too scared for anything like that!
  10. yonhee

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    :eek: Never going on a ferry ever! Hope you're ok and manage to get to Spain soon :p
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    Glad to hear that you are OK after that nasty experience.......
    At least you'll be in the country for Whit Friday now!;)

    (not that we are....:eek: :biggrin: )