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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Soprano Steve, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Soprano Steve

    Soprano Steve New Member

    Friendly fourth section band based in Saddleworth is looking to recruit a Solo Horn and Tutti Cornets for Christmas and the Area Contest in 2011. The band runs an open door policy and would welcome players of an age, especially young players or adults who fancy coming out of retirement. The band is very community orientated, well organised with its own bandroom. Anyone interested e-mail or phone the M D Paul Kershaw on 07713 415703
  2. BluBug77

    BluBug77 New Member

    Mossley, Gtr Manchester

    I note you need a solo horn, I'm familiar with the band having dept on 1st horn a couple of time. Just wondering what days/times you rehearse and what the bands future plans are???
  3. Soprano Steve

    Soprano Steve New Member

    solo horn

    We rehearse on monday/thursday evenings 7.30-9.30. We are looking to do a little more contesting but nothing more. We are happy for someone to come along and grow into the chair! As a band we are starting to get our act together under our new M D Paul Kershaw + already have secured a top class principle cornet player. Our new website is up and running, we are a very sociable band. You would be most welcome and you fancy a go on solo horn the chair is waiting for you. If you want to come along or chat some more fone or txt me on 07801 009287. Steve
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