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  1. Chris Thomas

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    The Friends of the NYBBW are undertaking a massive fund raising effort to help send the band on a tour of Canada in July/August 2007.

    I'm building a website ( - Sorry for the long URL; the domain has only just been set up!) and need help. If you are a former member and have any pictures that you would be willing to share, I'd be delighted to have them. Also, I would like to build a repository of memories and anecdotes, so please, take a trip down memory lane and email me the results!. Full credit will be given to all materials.

    Please send your images to:

    Either post your memories on this board (with your real name :) ), or email it to me at the above address.

    All former members will have fond memories of our time in this great band - let's try to 'do our bit' to help today's band.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS - no more pics of Muppet with a can in his hand - I can literally cover a rugby field with the damn things!!!!:eek:
  2. midwalesman

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    Well the memories I have involve Jon Pippen and a toilet scene! Ask Neil Edwards for further detail.

    And one further one that immediately springs to mind is Mr Turner and the Guiness tune...most impressive drinking technique!
  3. Chris Thomas

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    Nice image... it's in... my... head and I.... can't.... get........ it...... out.......

    Chris hasn't done the Guiness thing since he became all grown up, but we've got a stag 'do' in Dublin coming up and I think the little pixies may get the better of him!

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    Firstly, Do you have copies of all the 'official' photos? I have full band photos from several of my years, along with Bass sectional photos (not sure where the band / photographer stands on copyright of these images though.......but I don't think they are marked with any copyright claim or photographer ID). I also have copies of concert programmes (some with full member/staff listings) for several years including 1987, 1988, Albertr Hall 1989, 1990, Norway Tour etc. Let me know if any of this stuff is of interest.

    Secondly, do you have facility for Paypal / similar payment of membership of the "Friends" of NYBBW - I have been meaning to join since the piece on FoNYBBW on 4BR last year but just haven't got round to it, partly because there was only a postal address which would mean the hassle of getting out paper / pen / chequebook.


    ( NYBBW EEb Bass 1986-1992;
    NYBBW Principal Tuba 1991&2
    NYBBW Solo contest winner 1988 ;)
    NYBBW Tutors award 1992 )

    p.s. - I still also have my copy of the Vaughan-Williams Tuba concerto, the solo part of which was played upside-down and backwards in the solo contest of 1988 by Bob Childs and subsequently signed (upside-down) by him !

    I also have a copy of the Gregson Tuba Concerto signed by Eddie G. - He and Jim Gourlay were messing around one afternoon and asked if anyone had a copy of the solo & accom parts of the VW that they could play through - I handed them the Gregson instead and they gave an impressive impromptu performance with me glowing with pride as composer-pianist's 'page-turner'.
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  5. midwalesman

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    Not only the guiness but also my introduction to the green monster drink, which I continued to drink ar uni. Much damage was done with that!

    Another memory was the course at Howells school in the early 90s when I think about 5 people got to bed and the rest were trashed and sleeping on the stairs and other places.

    I remember the celebration concert around that time too, 1812 and all in St Davids Hall, could be wrong there. The trombones absolutely nailing my ears in the last bit! ;-)
  6. Chris Thomas

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    Hi Ron,

    We're plugging in PayPal, but I don't want to launch a half-done site. The pics sound great, as does the music - this is exactly the stuff we're looking for. I'll PM you.

  7. Chris Thomas

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    Sorry about 1812 - it was a 'big' section!!!!

  8. Chris Thomas

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    :clap: Cheers folks - getting lots of material, but keep it coming! :clap: