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  1. David Pegram

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    Has anyone been to the French Open?.We are thinking of going next year so if you have any thoughts or ideas let me know.
  2. Bob Thompson

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    Our band is interested in attending the contest to, so I would thankful for any information re, dates locaton, how one registers etc........
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    I don't know about how you register or anything, but I can definitely recommend you go! It's an excellent contest in a nice little town. Everyone is relaxed, which makes a nice change, and the cocktail bar by the bridge is absolutely awesome!

    The contest is usually in July as I remember it, although I couldn't give you an exact date unfortunately. But it's usually warm and sunny. The march contest is up a little cobbled street, and is very well recieved by the public.

    All in all, it's a good contest... do it!

    (Oh, and advertising your band as the French Open Champions sounds ace!)
  4. David Pegram

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    Contest is on 10th 11th 12th June i will pm you with details i have.
  5. Bones

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    The French Open Championships are held in Amboise in the Loire valley. A great deal of the organisation is down to Jacques Gaudet the Managing Direcotr of Courtois instruments. The whole weekend is a music festival with a contest sandwiched in the middle.

    The format is as follows, and for all sections.


    Road march followed by Contest March a'la Whit Fridays. No more that 150 yds or so.

    I think it's about a 40 mins programs including a set test piece and a solo. I dd it in 2003 guesting with Thoresby, and the Top section test piece was Fantasy for Brass Band.

    On Saturday evening a band is invited to play at the Gala concert, this year it was Wingates the winners. Previously it was Thoresby who also won in 2003. Other band have been Fodens, Flowers etc. Gives you some idea of the bands that go. The results for all sections and solisits, marches, test pieces etc is given in the interval of the gala concert, which can go on until very late.

    On Sunday, there is always a variety of different concerts that happen during the day.

    Accomodation wise, we stayed in a wine college in Amboise, plain and functional but great. The town centre was fine, nice cafes and bars etc etc. We actually flew from Stansted to get there, and a coach and guide were available. I think every effort is made to assist in the organisation and logisitics to encourage bands to get out there. It is one of the nicest weekends I have spent, gorgeous place and cracking weather.

    In terms of contact, Stuart Broadbent and David Horsfield adjuducate it regularly I believe, and Chris Jeans takes a really big interest with his courtois and Youth Brass 2000 interests.

    Well worth going.