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    Hi everybody !

    As a continuation to my introduction thread, I'm now going to explain you what a Batterie Fanfare is (this is the kind of band I used to play in).
    I couldn't insert to much photos so please click on the links to see them
    So first of all, a Batterie Fanfare (we'll call it BF to make it easier) is mostly a natural brass instruments band. I mean that almost all the instruments haven't got valves. That involves that not all the notes can be played with those instruments.
    Let's start the explanations about the instruments :
    - La trompette (the trumpet) : also called trompette de cavalerie (cavalry trumpet), it's a Eb brass. It hasn't got any valves. It's a high pitch instrument. The notes range of the trumpet is as following (on the left are the played note and on the right the heared note - from Eb to C) : trompette.jpg
    - Le clairon (the bugle) : it's actually a kind of cornet without the valves. It's a Bb brass. It's traditionnaly used for the commemoration musics. It's a high pitch instrument. The notes range is as following : clairon.jpg
    - Le cor (horn) : traditionnaly used as a hunting horn (in D) it's been adapted for BF as a Eb instrument, a lot more mellower and warmer than its ancestor. It's a medium pitch instrument. The notes range is as following : cor.jpg

    - La trompette basse (bass trumpet). It's a octave-lower trumpet (more or less a tenor trumpet) in Eb. It's a medium pitch instrument. The notes range is as following : cor.jpg

    - Le clairon basse (bass bugle). As the bass trumpet, it could considered as a tenor bugle in Bb. It's a medium pitch instrument. The notes ranges is as following : bass sib.jpg

    - Les basses (basses) : these instruments have got valves, so you should know them. In BF we use euphoniums, saxhorns, tubas. In most of the BF now, electric bass guitar is used as well as a bass instrument.
    -Les percussions (the drums). All kind of drums are used in BF.

    A picture of the Garde Republicaine (a kind of old style BF) that plays for all the official Republic president stuff :

    And now a new style BF. This one is the May sur Evre BF. Le May sur Evre is a very small town and its BF is one of the best in France at the moment.

    Now a few videos. First one is one from Gendarmerie Mobile, a professional military band :

    Next one is a version of River Dance with a sax. The BF is called Romagnat, an amateur band for a tiny town in Auvergne :

    You can find plenty of other videos on Youtube typing Batterie Fanfare (or on Deezer)... Enjoy !
    So I think you should know more about BF now than a few minutes ago... at least I hope so.
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    Thanks for that - it's good to know something about other groups people play in. As you will probably have realised, most of us are brass banders, with a few in concert bands, and of course Jan in his fanfare. We look forward to hearing more about what you are up to.
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    I'm glad to hear that this thread can interest :)
    I thought that with all the things I learn here about brass bands I could at least give you back a bit of infos about Batterie Fanfare.
    I think a good musician is a musician who's not only focused on one type of music, a good musician must be opened on all kind of musics
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