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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by bigmamabadger, Nov 17, 2004.

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    There's been a lot of chat recently about the organisation/administration of contests and the band federation(s).
    We've just been given a 12-page form to fill out and send back with our thoughts on how things could be better arranged. After 3 weeks only 8/25 have actually filled it in, and while I have done it, it doesn't fill me with any great excitement. The form was poorly worded anyway, but many questions were crudely manipulative as well, which really renders the whole thing useless from an information-gathering standpoint and leads me to wonder is anyone genuinely interested in the results.

    1.) Granted, bandspeople should have a greater voice in what happens to their organisations, but do most of them want a voice?

    2.) Will more voices not just mean more confusion? There are as many opinions as there are players.

    3.) No-one will be pleased all of the time, especially those who get poor marks at a contest, and frankly, that's going to happen to everyone at some point. Why upset the status quo?

    4.) Am I merely a cynical old badger who's missed the point of democracy?

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    1) i think most bandspeople would welcome the option to improve their organisations but i don't think many would welcome a 12 page form! (esp. one as pants as you described!) surely there is a better way??

    2) Not necessarily. There are some major issues that need addressing as a movement, but when it comes to the little things then perhaps the orgs. should just get on and sort it out. Most people go to band to play, they are nor interested in the organisational/political aspect.

    3) to get a better idea of what their members want! and to see if there are issues that the majority of their members want addressing. doesn't mean they have to act on it tho...

    4) Noooo! although by asking whether an organisation should ask for an opinion of itself, you yourself are actually asking for an opinion of the organisation. Thats democracy! (well I know what i mean!)

    my head hurts... i'm goin for a lie down......
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