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    I thought I'd start a new thread if anybody wants to give free compositions & arrangements to bands, ensembles & soloists.

    I want to share an arrangement of Resphigi's first suite of Ancient Airs & Dances to anyone interested. There is a problem with Score Exchange at the moment uploading scores, as written instructions for expression seem to include notation such as quavers replacing lower case "e"s but this is not on my Sibelius nor pdf versions of my efforts. Links to both Scorch scores (other movements are linked to first) and my pdf copies are below. I recently sent score/parts to Munich Brass to work on. I had a particular band in mind when I worked on it.

    Resphigi - Scorch Score

    PDF Score & Parts

    cheers, Tom
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    "Free sores and Parts" ~ I thought you got those from horse riding or other dubious activities Ha ! Ha !

    - Mr Wilx
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    Lol! Ian, I saw that after I posted and made the typo! It should be corrected shortly I hope ... :oops:
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    All sore-ted.....;)
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    ... :oops: ... :D
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    Let he who is without typo............etc !

    - Mr Wilx
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    Great idea Tom, and in line with Making Music Wales and Ty Cerdd's forthcoming Classic FM 123sing! Cymru event at the Wales Millennium Centre on Sunday October 2 (14:00 start for interested parties - see for details) Making Music and Ty Cerdd are making a selection of traditional Welsh melodies for brass band and choir available to bands to download for free from the Making Music Wales website

    The music can be found direct here while the choral parts that fit with them can also be found here

    Further information on the 123sing! Cymru event by the way can be found at Everyone is welcome to attend and get involved - Sunday October 2, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, 14:00 start
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    'tis now a typex ...
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    Brass Band Muenchen also have three of my arrangements. They can be found on:

    Free to print if anyone wants them.

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    A great idea all round, I know folks have to earn a crust, and agree that hard work should be rewarded. However when music is available free to use, then I reckon it should be given as wide an audience as possible.
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    Here's the original version of Josef Suk's "Toward A New Life" performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra conducted by John Williams ... see last post.