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    The Brass Crest has established a new section of the site dedicated to announcing new releases of music, recordings, videos and other musical products. We invite tMP users to submit items for this section. This is FREE PUBLICITY - there is no charge (and never will be). All you have to do is let us know about your new offerings. They will be displayed in a box on the front page of The Brass Crest (thousands of page views every month) and will also be announced via our Twitter feed.

    (Please note that although our site focuses on Salvation Army bands, it is not exclusively devoted to SA bands, and we are willing to post almost any brass-related product in this section.)

    Items are kept in the active list for 90 days following the submission or 90 days following the release date, whichever is later (that is, any submission will be listed for a minimum of 90 days). Items released more than 6 months in the past will not be listed.

    For each item, you can submit your information in several different ways:
    • Post in this thread
    • Send me (brasscrest) a PM
    • Send an email to news ==at==
    We need the following information:
    • Release Date
    • Title of Item
    • Composer/Performer Name
    • Publisher/Distributor Name (and URL if possible)
    • Publisher Contact – for use by The Brass Crest in case something needs to be corrected or verified on the submission
    • Ordering Information – so that The Brass Crest visitors can order the product from you (which, of course, is the reason that it would be announced)
    • You can also include a description of the item (for example, a list of tracks for a CD). This will not appear in the listing on the front page, but will be included on a detail page linked from the main listing.
    For publisher contacts, please provide an email address. If you're not comfortable with that, we can contact you via PM on tMP. Telephone numbers are not acceptable (we won't use them if you list them, so don't bother!)

    If you have an established way to communicate new releases (RSS, Twitter, email, etc) just let us know how to subscribe and we will automatically include your items.

    More information here.
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