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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Nick Wilson, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. Nick Wilson

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    Brackley Brass (formerly Brackley & District Band) have raised £213 over a year with only two or three active users. I only wish that the rest of the band were as enthusiastic! If you get friends, and local businesses involved this could be a real money spinner. We also get donations if we refer organisations so please check out the video which explains how it works on our webpage at:

    If you then wish to register your band please use our referral link:

    There are 3 things I like most about this particular website:-

    (i) It offers donations for shopping at stores you use already e.g. Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Love Film, Teco,, Debenhams, Ebay etc...

    (ii) You can download a toolbar which means you do not have to remember to log in to the site before going shopping.

    (iii) it makes it so easy to publice your cause with loads of pre-generated wording and logos for press-releases, emails and website content. It is also very easy to link up and advertise via Facebook and Twitter.

    This is a great way to raise funds but depends on band members being proactive and getting themselves and their friends and family signed up and using the site.​
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    Corby Silver Band also use easyfundraising. And it is really simple - costs absolutely nothing and every time one of your supporters shops on line at one of the many high street and online stores, your band makes money. We started last year and have made over £140, and every three months they send you a cheque, or you can have the money paid directly into a bank account.
  3. Nick Wilson

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    Free money for Austonley Brass...

    :clap: Thank you Austonley Brass for signing up! Good luck.
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    Cornerstone Brass are signed up as well. I travel by train from Nottingham to Sheffield for rehearsals, and by booking my tickets on East Midland Trains website, I raise some money every time I travel up.
  5. Nick Wilson

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    Free money for Longridge Band

    :clap:Thanks to Longridge Band for signing up! Happy fundraising.

    Any other bands want to kick off the New Year with a new fundraising inititaive?
  6. Nick Wilson

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    We've raised nearly £400 now. Any other takers?
  7. Nick Wilson

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    Well done to Vernon Building Society (Poynton) Brass Band for taking the plunge. Happy fundraising.

    Any other funds out there that could do with a little help to boost the finances?
  8. Nick Wilson

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    Over £500 now! :D Get signed up before people think about their Christmas shopping and you'll be able to raise that little bit more.