FREE Mendelssohn arrangement - Organ Prelude in D minor

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    Here's an early Xmas present for any band willing to try this arrangement. It's the Organ Prelude in D minor, Opus 37,3 ... and is a more compact alternative to the arrangement of the Saint-Saens Organ Symphony recently played at Brass In Concert by Grimethorpe. I think it is a showpiece for band which has demands on solo chairs and sections. It will be available for 7 days to download as a PDF file.

    Review the arangement here (Scorch and my MP3 MIDI setup on site's player)

    Download from YouSendIt here

    Only online performance of the piece I found is on Youtube (below) but it is conservative to the many recordings I have listened to. At least it will break down the detail of the piece.

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    Whoops! One thing I must add is that the PDF file contains an amended score. Snare drum was added and introductory chords were remapped to induce more harmonics. I never attempted to re-post the score on Sibelius-music as they may reject it as a transcription, rather than an arrangement. The mp3 file onsite is the actual current & available score. So far, 40%+ of the allocated bandwidth of 1 gig has been used! Thanks to all who have downloaded it so far (about 5.5 meg in size).
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    I have decided to allow downloads of this arrangement for a further 7 days. You can get it here.

    One arrangement I have refused (until now) to distribute is a cornet solo called Premier Solo originally written by Gabriel Pares. Over a year ago, Roger Webster asked me to score this for him as he thought it should get more exposure. It has only been recorded once by trumpet player Reinhold Friedrich. It was quite a tricky project because of many anomalies in the piano accompaniment which didn't add up. It has been used successfully in solo contests by Whitburn's Hayley Edmond.

    Review the score here.

    Download the PDF here.
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    Thanks so far for the keen interest in downloading the above arrangements. Remember to give some feedback how you get on with them.

    Another one I will give away could be a useful training tool for bands playing A Moorside Suite. I have a sparce transcription of Maurice Ravel's 2nd Mvt. of Trois Chansons, "Trois beaux oiseaux du paradis" which is considered to be his reaction against the 1st World War. Interesting story behind this one can be read here. It features mainly flugel and baritone as the solo voices and delicately held together by other section members. No percussion is involved this time. It was deliberately repetitive to enforce his point of view.

    Preview score here.

    Download here (1 meg & 5 days to grab it for free)

    My tempos are based roughly around this performance of the song ...

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    As the time is almost up for downloading the scores/parts of the above arrangements, I want to thank all who have bothered. The response is flattering to say the least. I hope some enjoyment is taken from rehearsal and performance.

    Now, my mum's house is being cleared out prior to sale and a piano piece I used to play in concert at high school suddenly re-appeared. The Sarabande from Debussy's Pour le Piano was one of my early attempts and was done virtually from memory. I had a chance to compare both original and arrangement and I have decided to update the score to reflect more accurate dynamics and expression. (I had them reversed in some sections). Parts also have been re-scored from the Sibelius-music version but if you listen to the mp3 file, you will hear what I have changed so far. If anyone is interested in the score-parts can you tell me? cheers!

    Sarabande (from Pour le Piano)

    Here's a performance on Youtube that is close to how I remember playing it all those years ago.

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    My updated score/parts of Sarabande is now available (free) to download for seven days at link below. More linear in construction with original French expression marks (btw, if they are not too obvious, très soutenu means very sustained). Legitimate bass pedals (in BBb part) but sop. has to get up to top B. You can also get a VBR mp3 file of my MIDI synth playback of you need it. The piece can be used with rubato to great effect.

    Score/parts - Sarabande

    VBR mp3 - Sarabande

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