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  1. Ok, same as before with the iPod. I didn't get one in the end but my mate from Uni did so it definately isn't a scam. I lost interest but that was because I needed lots of referals to get the iPod that I was saving up for anyway and ended up buying once I had the money! He did it by spamming the University mailing list which wasn't reccomended but it paid off! I'll just be counting on the good people from tMP, and this time I'm gonna try a much lower target of 6 completed referrals (he managed to get about 9 I think).

    Bottom line is, it works and you have nothing to lose. Give it a go.


    You're best off doing the free trial on the gaming website which you can cancel once you have a completed offer.

    For anymore information search out the iPod thread from a few months back.

    Come on help me out I have lots of spare time that needs wasting now I'm not in a band!


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