Free Euphonium Recital

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  1. Highams

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    Free euphonium recital (you have to pay to get out ! )

    Saturday, August 2nd. 12 noon, St.Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire.

    Charley Brighton, Euphonium (Willson 2900) with Malcolm Stowell, Piano & Organ

    Premiere, Autumn Moods, Joe Miserendino, ( U.S.A. ) ( written for Charley Brighton, completing the suite "Music of the Seasons" )

    Song for Janet, Andrew Coxon, ( originally for Clarinet )
    played on a Hawkes Dictor 4v Euphonium, circa 1915

    Sonatina, Movement 2, op.12, Kevin Hill ( originally for Cello )

    This Is My Father's World, Franklin Sheppard, arranged by Douglas Houck ( U.S.A. ) Played on a Highams 5 valve, circa 1891

    And It's Spring, Yvonne Anthony ( Australia )( originally for trombone )

    Movement 3, Finale, Concerto in F Minor op.18, Oscar Bohme, revised by Franz Herbst. Played on a Courtois euphonium, circa 1900.

    Refreshments served afterwards.
    FREE PARKING courtesy of Keywest Ltd. opposite Slough Police Station.
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    Wish i was nearer as I would love to go along.
  3. Highams

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    I'll gladly send a tape if you like ?

    Email me your postal address.


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