Free concert! Open rehearsal.

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    St helens, North west
    FREE CONCERT - By the Parr band.
    Wednesday 6th March. 7.30 - 8.40
    At St.Helens United Reform Church - King Street.
    Please come along and support the band.
    We will be playing for just over an hour.
    The purpose of the concert is for the band to give a public performance of the test piece "Hollywood" ahead of the North West Area Championship at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool on the 10th of March.
    Where you can really help us, is by turning out for just over an hour. Enjoying a free concert and providing the right kind of atmosphere for us to perform this work ahead of our challenge.
    So, please come and support the band, friends, supporters, fellow band folk and the great St.Helens public.Hopefully, we will be representing the town at the National Championships of Great Britain for the second year in a row.
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